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  1. Gordon Heaton


    Looking closely at the pic it appears whatever driver you're using isn't getting all the way into the socket. Is your problem camming out or just not moving? How big are these bolts?
  2. Gordon Heaton

    Brand New Motor never ran, but has a rusty rotor and stator coils

    You can remove the rust as you describe. ScotchBrite pads are easy and less likely to score the wires. Light rust that isn't flaky or loose isn't a huge problem anyway. Sometimes the laminations are also laquered but that's already gone if they've rusted.
  3. Gordon Heaton

    OT, can I convert my gas fired free standing fireplace to a manual control?

    Good point, Bill. I just mounted my valve so the knob stuck out through the stove wall.
  4. Gordon Heaton

    OT, can I convert my gas fired free standing fireplace to a manual control?

    I haven't done exactly that, but I converted a wood-burner to a manual gas log years ago. Much the same thing you're considering except I had to also run a 4" double-wall flue inside the 8" single wall to control corrosion and condensation. I see no reason why it won't work just fine.
  5. Gordon Heaton

    V1 of my hydraulic angle iron shear failed. Would appreciate any feedback so I can design a better V2.

    It won't harden! You could 'case' harden it or apply a hard-facing weld but those won't hold up either. You don't need tool steel for the base or frame, just for the cradle and blade. D2 is great material, but it isn't forgiving with regard to heat-treat. I send that out to pro shops. If you...
  6. Gordon Heaton

    Interesting surface grinder converted to belt sander/grinder

    Probably a better use for that tool than original. The one I used didn't do a great job of surface grinding. Maybe that had more to do with its conversion to single-phase motor though. . .
  7. Gordon Heaton

    threading a block too heavy for the table

    A mag drill would make the holes, don't know if it would tap them. Tapping by hand wouldn't be fun, but 1300lbs of steel would probably stay pretty still while you did it.
  8. Gordon Heaton

    Mitutoyo or Acu-Rite 2 Axis DRO,.....Any Concerns with either?

    Only issue with Mit was an older one (fluorescent display) that eventually dimmed to unreadable levels. A big plus for me with my Acu-rite is the large, raised buttons. I truly hate membrane keypads.
  9. Gordon Heaton

    Is this Adjustable Angle Plate ( Precise 10" x 15" SKU: 202-169 ID: 347297 ) worth it?

    The MSC linked table is out of stock, and made in India. Never yet have I seen any tool worth having that was made there,
  10. Gordon Heaton

    Recommendations for Y shaped vacuum hose attachment for bench grinder ?

  11. Gordon Heaton

    OT- Torn rotator cuff- any words of wisdom?

    For background, I've had torn cuffs in both shoulders. (On one, the supraspinatus attachment was completely severed). From experience, the ortho guys will tell you you need surgery, either a repair or replacement. The physical therapy folks will suggest you give them first shot. Many times...
  12. Gordon Heaton

    OT - Old belt driven diesel generator for home backup?

    Called a 'starter-generator' and still used on many turbine engines.
  13. Gordon Heaton

    Help with an improperly working DRO

    My guess. . . most likely, as mentioned above, no backlash elimination when making the previous cut. Next up, loose mounting of reader or scale.
  14. Gordon Heaton

    Rotary index table identification

    You can only tell so much from photos, but I was thinking the same as Limy Sami. The casting, handwheel scale and other markings along with other bits and pieces look way better than chinese. Taiwan or even western world would be my guess.
  15. Gordon Heaton

    OT: Clear Coating Over Oil-Based Paint

    Just checked on shellac... In my youth, the shellac used for wood finishes was the original type, harvested from some kind of bug. The stuff in the hardware store these days is a man-made chemical compound. Can I count on it to be non-reactive with enamel paint?
  16. Gordon Heaton

    OT: Clear Coating Over Oil-Based Paint

    It's not the sticking, Bill. It's the incompatibility of the topcoat with the paint that causes the paint to 'fuzz', lift or distort.
  17. Gordon Heaton

    OT: Clear Coating Over Oil-Based Paint

    Polyurethane, such as Varathane has worked for me.
  18. Gordon Heaton

    Help me pick a bench top turret lathe?

    You know the saying, 'any lathe is better than no lathe', but I'd have to be really, really desperate to go with an Atlas... You didn't mention the material you use, but .020" is a deep cut for an Atlas in steel, and unless you're working plastic or aluminum, making anything could take all day.
  19. Gordon Heaton

    Not really off topic: Anyone ever make an urn?

    BIL made one of wood for another BIL. In this case the wood box was enclosed in a plastic vault for burial, but that was for the protection of the box, not for any regulation. Except for the possible interference of TSA mentioned, I can't imagine any specific requirements beyond what the family...