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    15 hp RPC struggles to start 7.5 hp 3 phase air compressor - add cap?

    I haven’t seen anyone yet ask if it’s possible the compressor motor is drawing more amps than it should?
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    Deep Boring Holes

    This here is going to be the slightly challenging part. Either need to find a way to line up off the side of the part for each end or an HBM with more than 87” X travel. Neither is much difficulty to overcome. Boring the DOM end would be no big deal.
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    7/8 shank boring bars (nearly) non existent??

    “If at first you don’t succeed, improvise”. Motto of machinists and farmers everywhere. What insert and insert holder are you using?
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    Where does all the scrap go? How much those scrappers making?

    The scrap business has much in common with the mafia. Any old body can serve as an “originator” of scrap but you ain’t getting into the big boy’s club on top. Much of the steel scrap generated in this area goes to NUCOR in Norfolk Nebraska.
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    Welding thick 304 SS

    Must the welds be stainless? If not, glue gun it together with a MIG and good ole ER70S-6 wire and be done with it. Sounds barbarian but if the sole goal is to stick the parts firmly together that is all you need.
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    Torque difference between 1PH and 3PH motor

    Some interesting stuff to learn here. So a curious mind wants to know, what about the “smoothness” - if you will - of the torque of a DC motor. I am thinking specifically of the planers that used a large DC motor to drive the platen. Was part of the reason that a DC motor was used was a...
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    Slightly O/T advice on usefulness of skid steer as yard machine around machine shop

    A skid steer is not a loader tractor, nor is it a forklift. They are wonderful for skid steer type work. Mostly they are better than a loader tractor. Sometimes they are better than a forklift. I use a smaller (1200 lb rated) skid steer in my shop and while it is very handy it is NOT I...
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    Boring Mill Q

    What is traversing the tool(s)? It looks like the workpiece is on a table with some rather narrow ways right above the floor?
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    OT optimal cutting speed and feed rate for lawn mower blades?

    @Freedommachine -- I don’t know what you ordered for replacement parts there, but I would recommend using the NH guard that is already on that bar, or stub guards (no point on them, the sickle protrudes past the end of the guard). For sickle sections, I highly recommend a good quality top...
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    Lucas #41 HBM

    Tyrone -- about boring bars -- what type of steel were boring bars typically made of? Also what sort of runout was considered allowable? Learning, as I have a 3” HBM with a tailstock and wanting to maximize its line boring capability.
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    Lucas #41 HBM

    My 3” HBM came with a 2 axis DRO (X and Y). At the very least I wish it was 3 axis (X, Y and Z). If money were no object and this HBM proves to be worth it, I would want to go 5 axis as mine has a rotary table.
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    OT: PTO speeds

    A very notable if antiquated exception is the line of International Harvester tractors from around 1970 to around 1980ish. Rated PTO speed was below rated engine horsepower by several hundred RPM. Rather annoying for a PTO application where it was critical to stay at or below PTO speed, but...
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    Need opinion on a Matthews Precision PM1660- Ultra Precision lathe

    List it in the classified here. If they let you, being new. Were I independently wealthy I would make an offer as I could use a 16x60 lathe, but, alas, I am not so I can only wish you good luck selling it.
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    Continental y112

    If there is an intake air leak, the engine will run the worst at idle speeds, when manifold vacuum is the highest. As the throttle opens, vacuum would drop, and the engine would begin to run more normally. I would not be looking in that direction. Either is there is a fuel problem affecting...
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    Please explain phase converters to outside-US

    Rotary phase convertors are so simple and inexpensive. I have 4 machines with 7 motors between them run by one $500 (used value) rotary convertor as I have no access to grid 3 phase.
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    Board policy on chat bots and AI?

    I am a moderator on a small forum. If I at all suspect that a post or poster is spam/bot/AI it’s buh bye. I tend to shoot first and ask questions later. I do check IP origins as best I can. I do not ever post how or why I think posts are bogus. Let the idiots behind that garbage keep guessing.
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    OT optimal cutting speed and feed rate for lawn mower blades?

    That exception for blade tip speed is interesting. I always assumed that tip speed limits were a blade material tensile limit factor. The way that exception is worded makes it sound as though it is more of an expelled particle speed factor.
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    OT optimal cutting speed and feed rate for lawn mower blades?

    Apparently it is an ANSI spec. https://lawnmowerguru.com/how-fast-does-a-lawn-mower-blade-spin/ I have no idea when I got that number stuck in my head but it was a long long time ago.
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    OT optimal cutting speed and feed rate for lawn mower blades?

    If you were to work out what your “feed rate” is, you will be shocked how low it is. Disc mower style mowers for cutting hay (same principle as your lawn mower but with a blade that can pivot if it hits something) are perfectly fine cutting at speeds into the mid teens of MPH, and I doubt they...
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    Consistent way to clamp a large rim suggestions

    Seems to me any work of that nature would best be done on a vertical turret lathe.