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    OT: Motor Generator Experiment - Open Source Project :)

    I think he is not understanding some simple points that in order for this to work, you need: 1. A motor and generator that are 100% efficient. Unfortunately they don't exist. Even with superconducting windings in both you still have to deal with friction from the bearings. You could use...
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    OT: Motor Generator Experiment - Open Source Project :)

    Retired EE here with 37 years in the industry. I have not the time or desire to explain why what you are trying to do will never work. Many of the replies you have read already explained that. Have you considered that if it were possible, why the power companies don't use this method to supply...
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    Trying to use a small precision chuck in a tail stock. How to hold it dead center?

    I recently bought a Llambrich precision chuck and a Royal sensitive drill feed for it. The first job I have for it will be in a lathe. The lathe tail stock is MT4 and the sensitive drill feed is 1/2" diameter. I will be using a very small drill (#78 - .016") and need it dead center in the tail...
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    OT- having a deep freezer exposed to outside temps.

    Yes they had bears, black and grizzles. The building was cinder block with a steel door so they could not get in. The big bear problem was the grizzle bears knew what day trash pickup was and you could not put you trash out at night or it would end up all over the street in the summer. Winter no...
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    OT- having a deep freezer exposed to outside temps.

    Back when my parents lived in northern Montana, they had a big freezer in an unheated building for storing the Elk my dad would hunt. The coldest they had seen when they lived there was 38 below zero. The freezer had no problem. It probably never even ran the entire winter. The biggest problem...
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    O/T Anyone have bunion surgery?

    First of all have you seen a doctor to verify it is really a bunion? The reason I ask is gout looks very much the same as a bunion on the big toe. The big difference being that gout usually lasts a few days to a week and then it goes away for a while. Also the gout pain usually starts in the...
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    Surgical Steel

    The most common SS used for surgical cutting tools is 440 or 420. For other surgical tools such as a clamp they use 630.
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    Compressor automatic drains

    My compressor is 220V and has two drains. The one on the tank has an electric adjustable timer. From 30 seconds up to 30 minutes. The filter water separator one is mechanical and drains every time the air pressure drops in the top of the filter which lifts open the drain valve in the bottom...
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    Have a magnetic vice . Has lost practically all its magnetism . Is there anyway to magnetize again . Attached photos thanks in advance

    No Lucas magnetos don't have a special magnet metal that is self keeping. They use ALCINO magnets starting in the 1930's which are not special or unique. Taking the armature out of the magneto body and you will lose 20% of the magnetism. Now Lucas knew owners would take the mag apart and had no...
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    Drill Press Runout - Don’t get it…

    If you bought a new Jacobs chuck, it was made in China and is nowhere as well made as the old versions which no longer exist new. And yet they still charge the same price. The same chuck made in the same factory in China without the Jacobs name on it would have cost you 1/4 the price. They are...
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    tramming mill with brake rotor (practical machinist advertising)

    I understand your resistance to using a brake rotor as you don't trust it being flat or parallel. Now as for all rotors being ground, no. But I have seen ones that are. Upon questioning this method the first time I saw a brake rotor being used to tram a mill, they stated it had been checked on...
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    tramming mill with brake rotor (practical machinist advertising)

    I have seen more than a few use brake rotors to tram a Bridgeport. New rotors for some import cars are not expensive. And both sides are turned and ground at the same time so they are flat and parallel to each other.
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    OT: Who Else Rides a Motorcycle?

    The reason Excelsior Henderson ran out of money is because very few people wanted to purchase one. They could not get additional financing as they did not have enough orders from dealers to show a path to profitability to the banks. "A team of insanely smart and talented people poured their...
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    OT: Who Else Rides a Motorcycle?

    Put on bar end mirrors. They will stick out farther than ones mounted to the controls and no brackets are needed.
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    OT: Motorcycle engine lubrication

    If the mechanic is at fault, time to take him to small claims court.
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    OT: Who Else Rides a Motorcycle?

    Been riding for 46 years. Of that, 37 years was commuting on a bike 90 miles a day. During the commuting I saw about 15 riders killed. Most of the time it was from their own stupidity. Lane splitting way to fast and not considering how they are gonna stop when a car does something dumb. Retired...
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    Threading stainless steel

    How were you able to hire "machinists" who can't single point thread? That is one of the first things you learn how to do when running a manual lathe. Also, do they know how to measure the threads to see it they cut them correctly or your gonna have another problem. Now metric threads on a...
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    Van Norman lathe, I think. What is it?

    It is on Craigslist near me. It is a Van Norman machine of some type? I always thought Van Norman made automotive rebuilding tools? I am having a hard time figuring out what this is? It says it is a lathe with a grinder. They used to make brake lathes but this does not look like one. It kind of...
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    Project Farm-style reviews of chuck manufacturers?

    A number of Taiwan made chucks are pretty good. I have a three jaw 8" D1-6 I bought a few years ago as it was becoming difficult with old age to lift my 12" Bison on to the lathe. They cost more than Chinese made chucks so are not cheap but cost less than USA or European made chucks. Mine was...
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    Machine tools in an unheated garage

    The first question is how long will they be stored in this unheated garage? If one winter a good coating of WD40 or similar will work. Every month spray some more on. Keep the WD40 in the heated house or it will turn to sludge in -40. If for years, coat all the unpainted metal surfaces with...