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  1. couch

    Banned on Youtube wannabe machining channels. TOR tip.

    AvE was one of my favorite YT channels until he got into machining. Lost all interest when he started constantly complaining about everything when most of it was user error.
  2. couch

    yet another STUPID video from practical machinist youtube page

    Good ol Tennessee Floor Finish
  3. couch

    Vendors and pricing on6AL4V Ti?

  4. couch

    Vendors and pricing on6AL4V Ti?

    I use Sackin Metals in Huntington Beach if I need small amounts without certs. For anything that I need consistently, with certs, and cut to size especially I use TMS Titanium. They've been great to work with, always have what I need in stock and their cut sizes are dialed. Sackin is roughly...
  5. couch

    proper way to set z height for face milling rough cut parts

    It’s really unfortunate most machines won’t allow positioning the XY during a toolchange like a Speeedio. Haas has Setting 247 called simultaneous XYZ motion in toolchange but it doesn’t do anything, least not on mine.
  6. couch

    proper way to set z height for face milling rough cut parts

    Using a simple, well defined, common WCS is the easiest way to mitigate crashes. Forcing a guy to reset his WCS every time to the top of the stock because stock changes for every part number is a quick way of running tools into a vise and a poor workflow if your primary goal is to mitigate...
  7. couch

    proper way to set z height for face milling rough cut parts

    I don't care what the code says, I care what the part measures when its done and if programming the part from the bottom means I don't have to resetup the WCS because I'm programming from a common/known/established WCS and I can make my parts faster that's fine with me. If its a more reliable...
  8. couch

    proper way to set z height for face milling rough cut parts

    You're assuming most guys running machines actually look at and understand the code. The setup sheet should show all max depths with LOC values for tools as well as min/max stickout for setup.
  9. couch

    proper way to set z height for face milling rough cut parts

    If you program from Bottom and all your heights are a hard number from Origin, then you will need to change them, no argument there. However that is a trash workflow regardless. Doesn't matter if your origin is top or bottom, hard numbers from any fixed position will require changing values. A...
  10. couch

    X axis motion is backward on a Haas CL-1

    Need to keep in mind the TL was made as a step up from an engine lathe which is why the tools are on the operator side, face up. You used to be able to actually crank the handles. Nothing about the setup is “wrong”. X+ is away from centerline and literally no different than if they were on a...
  11. couch

    NPTF Thread Quality check (Internal Thread)

    All of this is well defined in ASME B1.20.5 Gaging for Dryseal Pipe Threads - Inch Sections 1.5 - 1.8
  12. couch

    Macro Programming Fundamentals

    I took this photo with a potato, and searched AIR instead of PURGE. I’ll monitor these during tool change/etc and see what flips. Seems like this air purge is always on, and turns off with E-Stop / Idle time. Will investigate a bit more but man, this is a huge help thank you!
  13. couch

    Macro Programming Fundamentals

    Specifically looking to see if there is a way to actuate the thru spindle air purge that blasts air thru the spindle during a tool change. I know it’s connected to the TRP though so may only run during the tool release mechanically, without a switch/solenoid.
  14. couch

    Haas Macro & System Variables List

    I’m looking to see if anyone has a more detailed/complete list of macro and system variables for Haas, specifically Mill with NGC. They mention some on their YouTube that are not in the Programming Manual, so I’m curious if there are others as well that are not listed.
  15. couch

    Macro Programming Fundamentals

    NGC (2021, with the latest update). Looking for whatever I can get.
  16. couch

    Macro Programming Fundamentals

    Does anyone have a COMPLETE list of Macro/System Variables for Haas Mills (NGC)? Have seen quite a few used on their YouTube that are not in the Programming Manual and looking to see what else there is available.
  17. couch

    Trijicon RMR RM08G machining dimensions for a Gen4 G23???

    There is enough room and depth on the slide in front of the rear sight. Just be absolutely sure you don't pop through the safety plunger hole. I do these pretty regularly. Trijicon sent their mounting pattern, but I signed an NDA.. They are more than happy to share though if you hit them up...
  18. couch

    Probing datums as called out on the print

    .001 TP is not the same as +/-.00035 Can you show us a redacted copy of the print showing -B- and -C- ? Are the Datums being called straight in line with the dimensions or extended past the dimension? This makes a huge difference.
  19. couch

    Is there any way to program SPINDLE SPEED VARIATION? to avoid chatter on long parts. Lathe.

    If you have a spindle speed override on the front of the machine you could most likely rewire it through an Arduino and have it Loop the cycle. If wired and programmed correctly you can retain the override function with a pot, some buttons to adjust the RPM modulation percentage with a Min and...
  20. couch

    Gift for graduating machinist?

    I traded the same one for a sandwich off the lunch truck 20 years ago with an old timer when I was first getting started. Still use it daily.