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    Philips, Grundig, Millplus Information Collaboration

    You can’t connect a hard drive that’s running Dos to a newer windows computer or it will rewrite the boot sector/ MBR. If you connect to another computer, it needs to be an OS besides windows like Mac osx or Linux or it needs to be a Dos computer. I have successfully added files to correct...
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    2013 Supertec Planotec 2040NC surface grinder won't boot. Low battery error

    I found the manual for the delta HMI and it says: Turn the power off before changing backup battery and check system settings after finishing change. (all data will be cleared after changing battery) So of course: I powered the machine up, swapped the 2032 battery out while powered on with...
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    2013 Supertec Planotec 2040NC surface grinder won't boot. Low battery error

    Looks like the program is in the HMI panel. I see a 2032 battery in the back of the panel. Its a Delta DOP-A80THTD1.
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    Pneumatic chamfering tool

    I got one of these a couple months ago and they work great on steel. I’ve used it quite a bit since I’ve got it and the blades are still sharp on the original edge. Kinda loud
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    HAAS shrink fit for $5k any good?

    None so far, at least up to 5/8" carbide. Doesn't even penetrate the folded towel.
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    HAAS shrink fit for $5k any good?

    I have a Technics Quencher and when I break a tool too low to grab, I just fill the holder up with water, tighten up the pull stud, cover with a damp folded towel, get a face shield, and heat to the max using a long plastic rod to hold the induction button in. BAM! Always gets the stub out and...
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    15 year old German 5 axis machines, good value or risky buy?

    I bought a 2000 dmu50v in 2015 for 8k that’s still going strong. Very minor and cheap problems so far… One advantage re older machines is that you can often do in house repairs with used parts from ebay. If you get a low speed spindle you can probably rebuild it yourself for the cost of the...
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    OT: Who Else Rides a Motorcycle?

    1969 Kawasaki 500 triple with expansion chanbers and ported as a teenager, bad handling, no weight in front, and way too fast. Many accidents (not with cars) later, that bike convinced me to get a new BMW R60/5 at 18.
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    OT: Who Else Rides a Motorcycle?

    Its my daily driver. About as fast as a 1000cc 4 or 1200 cc twin. I got it cheap (7K) it was a low sided bike that was rebuilt by the Energica dealer. Had it 2 years with no problems. Its got the smaller 13.4K battery. Around 80 miles mixed freeway and around town. Charges from 10% to 90% in...
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    OT: Who Else Rides a Motorcycle?

    21 Energica Ribelle, 15 BMW R1200Rt, 05 Yamaha WR450 ca plated, every day since 1968!
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    Cant make duplicate drive Hyundai HIT 840c

    What exact machine do you have?
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    OT- Parasitic battery drain.... how to find the source ? (Toyota forklift)

    Bad alternator diode? Disconnect it and check
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    Philips, Grundig, Millplus Information Collaboration

    Here's something that might be helpful for those with PG1220 PS woes. This is a page out the of Schroff VME catalog. It lists the PE1927/23B ps that I have been running in my DMU50V for the past few months as a PS in one of their VME chassis. If you can find on of these on ebay, it will likely...
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    Philips, Grundig, Millplus Information Collaboration

    I looked around for schematics and never found anything for this power supply. I would just keep checking on eBay and look for the exact supply or for the part number I cross referenced in the post above. Mine is still working fine since I installed it none of the other issues I had before...
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    Hyundai Hit8s 840c is there more than 1 backup battery?

    My hit8s has worked great for the last 2 years but when I went to start yesterday I got a "43 ORD1 PLC-CPU not ready". I went into diagnostics and started the NCK and it worked fine. Made my parts. Started it again today and same error/fix. The 9v lithium backup battery on the cpu is at 9.2v...
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    Idealarc RT3S-325 with a LN-7 wire feeder

    I recently bought a near new Idealarvc CV-305 with LN-74 feeder from a guy who said the feeder "might not" be working. Back at my shop, plugged it in and saw that the feeder breaker was popping on the front panel. It had a 20' factory (I think) extension on the feeder control cable. The fitting...
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    Electric forklift replace battery with EV battery

    The guy who had Tesla batteries in his 48 v order picker broke the batteries apart into 24 v sections. As I recall, he said they were older model S donor batteries.
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    Electric forklift replace battery with EV battery

    Theres a Tesla hacker out here in the Bay Area. The guy you go to to unlock your Tesla for drag racing or get "special" software written and installed. He has an order picker with Tesla battery modules installed, 48v. Yale I think. He made his own battery management system for it. I was at his...
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    PILZ PNOZ operation - how does it work?

    I started having problems with my 2000 DMU50V Millplus control related to the safety chain. I replaced a few of the cabinet relays that had high resistance contacts, and some of the e-chain relays on the servo control boards. That helped a bit but still was getting errors that froze the machine...