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  1. J

    Skanaker CO2 pistol resealing problems

    Doc, I will have dimensions of the breech seal as soon as I reassemble part of the gun. I designed a mold to cast the polyurethane in, but haven’t machined it. If I run into any difficulties I will be back to you. Do you have a web site?
  2. J

    Skanaker CO2 pistol resealing problems

    That is the pistol. Crosman designed it with help from Ragnar Skanaker, a Swedish free-pistol champion. For various reasons, this world class target pistol did not sell. Crosman probably lost money on the ones they produced, considering the engineering and the cost of the tooling. They were...
  3. J

    Skanaker CO2 pistol resealing problems

    I have a Skanaker (Crosman 88) CO2 pistol that I am attempting to replace the seals in. The factory does not support this gun, and non of the airgun suppliers furnish seals. Have any of you gunsmiths had any experience with these pistols? I made up the special tools necessary to take the main...
  4. J

    Lathe question...

    Find someone close by who is a hobbyist with a decent general purpose lathe and have them give you lessons. I have in the past given individuals lessons in the basics to get them started. Many areas have machining oriented clubs that could help. Consider taking basic machining courses at a...
  5. J

    Watchmakers lathe accuracy

    I have a late 1920’s Derbyshire WW pattern lathe and a full set of carefully maintained collets. I have always been astounded at the accuracy in doing staff and pivot work. This lathe was used a significant amount by the original owner and then sent back to Derby for replating and refitting...
  6. J

    Adhesive Recommendation - Plastic To Metal

    If I am seeing this right, the shoulder in the collet keeps the bushing from coming out the front of the collet. How about putting a snap ring behind the bushing to hold it loosely against the shoulder. I do not think trying to hold the bushing in with an adhesive is going to work because the...
  7. J

    New old machine, Deckel G1L

    I have a Deckel GK-21 that I have used frequently for a long time. I am amazed that I have had no success in selling my Gorton P1-2. Just no demand.
  8. J

    Indexer calls for rare iso 260 oil

    I looked for iso-sae equivalents and extrapolated from the charts that around 100 sae gear oil is the proper weight.
  9. J

    Free-Nobur 1/4 inch demurring tool

    I have an apparently new Nobur 1/4 inch deburring tool. Free to someone who can use it. Pay for the shipping. I have a photo but could not attach it. Jim
  10. J

    OT: Is there a fast way to remove glazed window panes while preserving the glass?

    We had a 120 year old house that had quite a bit of the original glue chip security glass that I had to take out in rebuilding the wood sash. It was a tedious job that required a long time to remove the old putty. I wish that I had a simple answer for you, but old glazing putty just takes a...
  11. J

    OT Humor: OK, it's officlal: I'm Old

    I should consider myself really old. To day Was my 90th birthday, but I still feel pretty young.
  12. J

    L & R Aqua Torch uses water for fuel

    Hey Mikey, I am almost 90, but still around. We moved to Florida five years ago, and the torch has not been used since. I crowded all my stuff from a 1600 sq ft shop into about half that, and still have not organized what I did not give to a son. I think I can lay hands on the manual and...
  13. J

    background music on TV too loud

    We elected to not replace our TV receivers as they died, and are now to one 50 inch television set in our great room. We now for the most part watch only PBS broadcasts and Turner Classic Movies in order to escape the frequent loud and invasive commercials. Some friends have decided not to...
  14. J

    House well water

    Get an analysis from a reputable water company, and be prepared to spend to get good water. I lived over forty years in a rural house with it’s own well where we did not treat the water. The water was from a deep well and had a good taste, but had a lot of dissolved minerals. When we moved to...
  15. J

    Machining With Files/Hand Tools

    During the Colonial period, many things were forged and then finished with a file. Setting up a coal forge can be done relatively easy and inexpensively. If interested, lock for the closest ABANA chapter and attend some meetings.
  16. J

    Help with anvil identification!

    The anvil looks to be a Colonial period anvil, probably before 1800. Send the photographs to Peter Ross, in Siler City, NC. Peter was the forge master at Colonial Williamsburg, and is probably the best authority for early forged iron items. He can be reached at...
  17. J

    Slotting brass

    I made a suspension spring for a tower clock. I used soft 0.063 Inch brass sheet folded over using some simple tooling I made up. I put the spring in place and closed the brass over the spring by hammering, finishing it off so no marks showed. Since the spring was in tension, riveted pins...