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  1. metalmaster10

    Tips in general, little discussion , just the tips,

    When shim stock isn't available, the side of an aluminum soda can is usually .002 to .003 depending on brand. Thickness is quite consistent. I have often cut the top off with snips, then cut vertical stripes with regular scissors. Works great to shim or protect a small part in a chuck or vise.
  2. metalmaster10

    Accuracy AR

    I usually reply to those guys with: That's pretty impressive! And leave it alone. You know he's full of crap, so does everyone else. It's just not worth my energy fighting about his ego. 🤷 There have been a couple times that I was taking by surprise by an absolutely absurd statement and I...
  3. metalmaster10

    FS: Sandvik 930 HA holder

    For sale, NOS sandvik 930-ha06-p-12-109 $250 shipped in the US.
  4. metalmaster10

    FS, N.I.B. KM63X Hydraulic holder

    For sale, new, in box KM63XMZHCSL12170MY holder. $599 shipped in the USA. If you need these, you know how expensive they are.
  5. metalmaster10

    WTB Steady Rest for Reed Prentice lathe

    Hi, I know this is a really old post, but it came up in my search. Did you ever find a steady rest?
  6. metalmaster10

    Natural cutting lubricant for aluminium?

    I have used blaser Vasco mill. It's a vegetable oil straight oil. Very high flash point and cleans off easily with dish soap and water or solvent.
  7. metalmaster10

    For Sale: Bridgeport variable speed mill

    Excellent condition Bridgeport mill. Variable speed 2J head. Nice, tight, solid machine. Genuine made in the USA Bridgeport, not a Grizzly, a supermax, or any other import copy. Runs perfect. Variable speed head is nice and smooth, ways are nice, no significant wear, minimal backlash. Includes...
  8. metalmaster10

    ISO- Used Toolroom Lathe

    What part of the country are you in? How far are you willing to travel? You willing to drive to Indiana?
  9. metalmaster10

    Suggestions for Startup Manufacturing Businesses

    That sounds like an excellent employee that frees up a LOT of your time. Value that person highly, or someone else will. She may be your biggest asset.
  10. metalmaster10

    here is a good one (CL sale ad)

    LOL !!! I sure wish I could get those prices out of my stuff! I would be retired in a week.
  11. metalmaster10

    Purchasing decent lathe, old school or new.

    As with anything... "it depends!" Primarily, it depends on how the used machine was used and cared for. I have several manual lathes ranging from 1942 WW2 machines to 2016 Chinese 14x40 grizzly lathes. I will ALMOST ALWAYS take an older heavy iron machine over a new one. From experience I can...
  12. metalmaster10

    Garage Sale Prices

    Thanks for the deal GH41! FANTASTIC!
  13. metalmaster10

    Garage Sale Prices

    Gh41, you should be getting an email from me...
  14. metalmaster10

    South Bend 9 - A Rich Inheritance

    Wow ! There is a wealth of information in that old man! Just looking at the picks, it is clear that he was an absolute expert! Not many people have the ability (or are willing) to do the things that he did. The first pic that shows the index marks on the chuck back plate and the gears show that...
  15. metalmaster10

    How are American engine mfgs able to make high HP with simple designs?

    And... Look into what it takes to launch a dodge demon at the track. The electronics used to choke down that engine for street use are many. There truly is a "launch sequence" at the starting line. It's not simple.
  16. metalmaster10

    How are American engine mfgs able to make high HP with simple designs?

    It would be impossible to address every issue/ question in your post without writing an entire book... however, to simplify a couple main points. Compared to an engine like the Dodge demon has, many historical "super car" engines are 50-100 cubic inches smaller. Also, since horsepower is made by...
  17. metalmaster10

    Which lathe to buy

    Hi Primitive, You will hear a lot about Grizzly... here is a little from experience. I got a 16x40 several years ago and I was pretty pleased. I did a pretty fair write up on it a year after I got it and would still stick by it. HOWEVER, due to being pleased with that, I got 3 more, but the...
  18. metalmaster10

    Scrap carbide pricing? (Feb 2017)

    LOL... I could take a hammer and break the flutes off a pile of 3/4" endmills. THAT should bang up some parts...:crazy: Yes, I know I'm bringing up an old thread. Today I was offered $7.00 / Lb. I have not found better in 3 years. Anybody got better offers? I'm still kicking myself for holding...
  19. metalmaster10

    OT- Does anyone here know a Detroit diesel "genius" I might could talk with ?

    Or, here in the Midwest, "Break Out Another Thousand" $ Same thing, but it's funny that the running joke holds true halfway around the world.