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    Hammond Glider Trim o Saw

    Photos, location, and price would be useful
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    Material for making replacement spindle sander spindles

    +1 for 4140 HT. Used it to make insert spindles for a big German woodworking shaper, 5MT taper on end. Easy enuf to machine, stable, and so far no problems.
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    Bandsaw blades for really hard wood?

    Stephen, for sure the carbide blade is going to last much longer than anything else, so long as you don't damage it in some way. I use bi-metallics to get the absolute minimum kerf, and maximize yield from some very rare and valuable boards from my collection that I'm sawing for acoustic guitar...
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    Bandsaw blades for really hard wood?

    I would have thought a file wouldn't cut hss.
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    Bandsaw guide blocks from solid carbide endmills

    Tannewitz used to offer carbide faced guides for their woodworking bandsaws. Their saws were pretty high speed, over 8000 fpm, so I'd guess they worked out ok. But an much easier alternative would be Lignum Vitae, a very hard and wear resistant wood, has a lot of oil in it. Any wood is going...
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    OT- Torn rotator cuff- any words of wisdom?

    Sorry to hear this Conrad. I thought I had done the same, but discovered I had an impingement, which led to a frozen shoulder. Didn't require surgery, but took 9 months of physical therapy to resolve. Good luck!
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    Bandsaw blades for really hard wood?

    Stephen, I've used 1/2" x .025 3tpi Lenox Tri-Master blades. Minimizing kerf was a major factor for me, needed to get absolute maximum yield, and I'd had good success with 1/2" .025 4tpi bi-metallic blades, so I stayed with 1/2". I got a very smooth cut, but was only cutting 6" max width...
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    Recommendations for good dimmable T8 LED tubes?

    The lights in my small office in the new shop are T8 LED tubes, in dropped ceiling fluorescent fixtures with ballasts removed. They are way too bright and harsh, would like to replace them with 3000K, high CRI, dimmable LED tubes (and replace light switch w/ dimmer). This is new territory for...
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    Metal lathe to wood lathe?

    What are the bearing surfaces - cast iron, bronze, babbet? With good lubrication you should have no trouble getting wood turning speeds. As to what those might be, obviously turning spindles will require much higher speeds than bowls. But early 20th century wood lathes had plain bearings, so...
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    [Solved] Damaged right angle plates, what should I do with them? Can they be "fixed"?

    I've seen a number of large, heavy cardboard boxes holding consumer products (lawnmower, a/c, etc) with punched out hand holds on the sides. Wondering if that would be preferable to exterior straps to avoid snagging, etc, but still allow the box/crate to be more easily handled?
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    41L40 Steel (leaded)... Does It Rust Easily Like 12L14 does?

    I used 12L14 early on when I was learning how to turn, but noticed right away that it rusted quickly. Much prefer 1144 or 4140 now. 20 yrs ago at an auction I bought an ancient Hardinge Cascade hand turret lathe, and it came with hundreds of pounds of 9/16" round stock, 7"-9" long. The stuff...
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    OT: Where to buy/get small quantity of iron ore?

    I watched the video a few days ago, seem to remember it was the presence of impurities in the ore (vanadium) that was the key to the high quality wootz. How would you get that into the mix?
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    Annealing bandsaw welds

    Maybe, but I've been welding bi-metallics with mine with excellent results. Carbide also
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    OT: Robo call protection methods?

    I did that, put it right at the beginning of my recorded message,. Can't remember where I got the sound file, probably on the internet.
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    Shop Pet Peeves

    Maybe they're not forgetting, but "expressing" themselves
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    Shop Pet Peeves

    Same with guys who use the john and don't turn off the light switch which also controls the vent fan, which makes a racket
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    OT? What Items at Harbor Freight are Actually Worth Buying?

    Nylon cable ties. I use them by the hundreds to restrain stem bent banjo rim laminations. As good or better than McMaster. Mechanics gloves. I lose them before they wear out, so I'm not sure how long they last. Ditto on the set of combination wrenches, cheap enuf to have them hanging all...
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    I am at my supplier today paying $48/bd ft for 4/4 teak.

    I remember going down to Wm Marshall, at the docks in Brooklyn. What a buffet of great wood. Brazilian RW was $3/ft, but I couldn't afford it, bought E. Indian instead. Big mistake! They had Ceylon satinwood, 22' x 24"w, English Brown Oak, Swiss Pearwood, Andaman Padauk etc. Big boards...