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  1. Nerdlinger

    Knurl question

    +1 for Accu-Trak. Their tech support guys LOVE to talk knurling, too.
  2. Nerdlinger

    My machine will pump coolant then it will stop and run a cycle with no coolant. Pleas Help

    I shit you not, an awesome old book my Dad had lying around about how to fix things said to smack something if it is acting up. That's not only for machines, either! :D
  3. Nerdlinger

    260 ft lbs on bolts - torque wrench or impact wrench?

    No one is perfect, but Discount Tire ONLY does tires and does a good job with them. They set their guns low and finish the wheels off with a torque wrench...you can see the wrench wrenching and not just clicking right away as if the guns over-tightened. They will rotate your tires for free as...
  4. Nerdlinger

    Segmented rounds

    The chamfer totally looks like it is just incomplete...in my ancient version of MasterCAM there is an "overlap" checkbox I often use whereby if the circle starts at 12 o'clock and goes clockwise instead of exiting right at 12 o'clock again it will exit at, say, 1 o'clock. It kind of looks like...
  5. Nerdlinger

    Talon Grips Tips

    I'm too chicken to try gripping on saw-cut ends. :sulk:
  6. Nerdlinger

    My machine will pump coolant then it will stop and run a cycle with no coolant. Pleas Help

    Like SND said above, a LOT of time sporadic functioning means a wire is loose. If something is BROKEN broken it usually never works, so maybe check the wiring to the solenoid that allows the coolant to flow. Otherwise, the next time it stops flowing check the pump to make sure it is...
  7. Nerdlinger

    Talon Grips Tips

    How big is the radius on your stock? I put cd 4140 rectangles in Talon-Grips every day with no problems. I’ll probably have a problem after I get back from lunch now...
  8. Nerdlinger

    Segmented rounds

    Try reducing the tolerance to .001 and see if it looks any better. Make sure you are leaving enough material for a finish pass…like Vancbiker said, the finish pass should be much less code than the roughing. Also, on an old version of MasterCam I use it will not take cutter comp into account...
  9. Nerdlinger

    A question for the lathe guys

    I agree with contacting a spring manufacturer to see if they can just squirt out a 50’ long piece straight. Logistics would be a fun challenge, but it sounds like you already know how to deal with that. If that doesn’t work, maybe after screwing a bunch of 10’ pieces together you could weld...
  10. Nerdlinger

    Locktite for a bolt that is not torqued down

    Loctite 609…it is a retaining grade but will keep that assembly locked up without it being tightened. Loosen with heat if necessary. Good luck!
  11. Nerdlinger

    16 tpi straight form knurl 303ss

    Are you using a pivoting scissors type double or are the wheels rigid? Make certain the Y height is dead nuts so both wheels start spinning/contacting material at the same time if using rigid. You’re right - it seems to be touchy-feely BUT I believe your in feed should be very fast…you need to...
  12. Nerdlinger

    Switching from coolant to air.

    I suppose I never thought of pumping air through the CTS system, but like ??? said you will probably benefit from having coolant thru the spindle and an external air line aimed at your tools activating via M-code-controlled solenoid. There are converging nozzles made for accelerating the air...
  13. Nerdlinger

    Schools could use your help!

    IMO, teaching, coaching, etc. are things you have to do because you like to do them and find it meaningful and not because you feel you will be successful only if your pupils become professionals in whatever you teach, coach, etc. Maybe one or two WILL, but you'll probably never know it. There...
  14. Nerdlinger

    OT: Clear Coating Over Oil-Based Paint

    Went with a spray-on varnish. It isn't perfectly leveled...looks like either tiny air bubbles or some dirt/dust got highlighted. Either way the paint is protected and I am still very happy with the project overall. Thank you for all your help!
  15. Nerdlinger

    OT: Clear Coating Over Oil-Based Paint

    I dig what you're saying...very satisfying to see the "perfect" engraving come out. In the corner of our "pushback room" we have a WW2-era "GREEN" engraving machine. It uses stencils that you trace with a "pen" and an articulating arm that translates the motion of the "pen" down to some...
  16. Nerdlinger

    OT: Clear Coating Over Oil-Based Paint

    So the idea is to use the "adhesion promoter" over the oil paint to allow clear coating with anything? My neighbor is a body shop so I'll ask him. Thanks!
  17. Nerdlinger

    OT: Clear Coating Over Oil-Based Paint

    Hi Everyone! I made a thing out of brass, engraved letters .015" deep, painted it with oil-based paint, then faced the surface the letters are on. It looks awesome since the surface is a nice shiny brass with perfect paint-filled letters. I spray lacquered the whole thing in an attempt to...
  18. Nerdlinger

    Xometry Quality Lately?

    Do they do the manufacturing themselves or is it just a robot broker with a huge rolodex of sub contractors?
  19. Nerdlinger

    Poor Insert Life in 4340

    My trick is just holding my phone up to the microscope lens...I tried it once when I was hunting up in a tree stand...a buck was bedded down 50 years in front of me forever so I tried taking a pic and couldn't see anything so I tried holding my phone up to my binoculars and it actually worked...
  20. Nerdlinger

    Poor Insert Life in 4340

    Sandvik grade 4325, PM chipbreaker