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    Boring to depth on an HLV-h (clone)

    I also use the power-feed, then either either the DRO or a micrometer stop. I use one of the hardinge indicator stops (the casting that fits over the bed, without the dial-indicator) for a fixed stop , and a micrometer on the carriage. I found that the dial-indicator stop was difficult to get...
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    Question of finish on manual lathe

    You may actually be taking off too little finish depth with that carbide insert and radius. For a manual lathe, very sharp tools work best, sharp HSS or polished positive rake carbide. I also occasionally turn/modify small titanium parts on a hardinge lathe--honed and polished HSS tools work...
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    Anyone help sanity check HLV wiring?

    Congrats, thanks for the updates and feedback, Cheers.
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    Bridgeport DRO

    I still have the textron version working on a circa 1984 BP; I've been through a couple of heads, a scale, and fixed a couple by replacing the inverter module for the display, and working on the scales. So, about 4 years ago after swearing that I wasn't going to fiddle with fixing/replacing...
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    HLVH rack question

    The shafts and bushings in the selectors are very close fitting, and will gum up with extended non-use or lubricating. The bushings are press-fit into the casting. On my HLVH, I removed the rear access plate (used for belt change too) behind the selector bushings, and removed the plastic...
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    Anyone help sanity check HLV wiring?

    Never heard of anything other than 90vdc (<1 amp) motors used. BTW, those ancient motor-controls may be easily and inexpensively replaced with a common offtheshelf solid-state 90vdc motor-control; there's a good thread on here from a couple of years ago also. Cheers
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    Hardinge HLVH Worm Wheel for speed adjust

    In other words: **do not monkey with the speed control until the correct spindle rotation direction is confirmed**.
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    Anyone help sanity check HLV wiring?

    Just speculating here: from what's shown in the pictures, it doesn't look like the original wiring was extensively modified, maybe just replaced some wiring. I was referring to the control "pod" which does not look original (perhaps it is just the faceplate), so a clue with the "pod" may be if...
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    Anyone help sanity check HLV wiring?

    I don't have too many useful words of wisdom, but a couple of things: the 440 volt machines seem rather rare (particularly if obtained from a home shop), but there are no clues on the motor or transformer present? Note that your control/pod box does not look original, so it's possible some...