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    Burden of reshoring manufacturing back into USA?

    What company would "reshore" to a country (USA) which has a president (Joe Biden ) who has promised to destroy the entire US energy industry, the entire US fossil fuel industry, and has done everything in his power to send work to China with the "green new deal?" ( While China build coal power...
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    Help me Decide on Standard Tooling! (5-axis Milling)

    Are you a production shop? I am a prototype job shop so don't bother with a 'hard' tool library always in my machines. However I do keep a virtual tool library for tools.
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    Internal corner 'fluff' when 2D machining of Polypropylene

    Wait.... Finishing passes are your friend, Just run a .01 finish pass with the overlap lead i lead out and that will clean up.
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    Internal corner 'fluff' when 2D machining of Polypropylene

    What I would try.... Do a small pocket toolpath for your entry points. Then... At the corners, run a helix hole toolpath to get the corners cleaned up so there is really nothing there to cut when you do your final finish pass. OR... Maybe just a finishing pass. Not sure your production can...
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    Why would anybody use Fusion 360?

    As I have stated many times about Fusion.... It is affordable. You get a full design suite and a full 5:axis cam suite (HSMworks... The easiest and most i tuitive CAM package I have ever used) for the price of passing gas near a MasterCAM and solidworks reseller. Doing the math using my...
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    Modify Fusion 360 Post Processor for Haas VF4-SS --- specifically tool number formatting

    Out of my skill set but I have found modifying their posts very easy. And for some complicated post mods on a thermwood 5x their support helped get my post fixed up no charge. I can't say the same for MasterCAM or Postability even with a "subscription."
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    Clark forklift questions

    I got one "close enough" for my old 5k Clark and just made an adapter for the mounting bolts.
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    Bleak future for Yellow Freight?

    My shop is next door to a Yellow depot. It was silent today. I would imagine the office staff are not union.
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    lifting with a pair of fork lifts

    THIS^^^ I even had my steel supplier loan me some rec tubes when I had to move a couple CNCs. If you ever plan to move more machines one of the best, if not the best, investments you can make is a low profile toe jack. I can't tell you how valuable this tool is for rigging.
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    Best coolant for a sensitive respiratory system?

    I don't have a sensitive respiratory system.....That being said.... I use PicoCool 5140. It has been great. I don't get any "haze" even while cutting with four machines in 90 degree heat and have never had any sort of reaction on my skin. However... When I mix a fresh batch (which is only...
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    What would you do differently if you could do it all again?

    make things a lot of dumb people can buy or things dumb people can produce. But especially, as mentioned above, Go in to finance.
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    What is you shop's overhead increase in the last year?

    Utilities are double. Aluminum about 50% higher. Steel, carbide, coolant, everything higher. Diesel in my state still about $5 a gallon. But remember. The child sniffer says it is "transitory"
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    Intellectual Property

    I would charge full shop rate for drawings and design. Once delivered I would say "I will credit x amount if you decide to use me as the manufacturer." I don't mind doing design work sometimes. Especially if something I design is not worth my time to build.
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    Building your own portable jib crane and OSHA/liability

    You can hire a PE with a stamp and perform the tests he recommends. It really is that easy. I did the drawings for a company that wanted to make their own and all they had to do was support 2 times the limit weight overnight and they passed the test.
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    Help With New Customer

    Tell them time and materials. No need to quote as they are looking at every other shop in the region. If they are desperate they will go that route.
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    What do you believe are baseline levels of complexity for an assembly

    As a job shop that charges hourly I welcome the most complex systems imaginable.
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    RFQ - What am I doing wrong?

    Looks like you skipped drafting class... 4 decimal places on an angular dimension? My first question would be... "How do you plan to measure this?" I would simplify as best I could. Sinker EDM electrodes won't even hold those tolerances. I think a good simplified design is in order...
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    How to move on from a vital position?

    Easy. Leave. They will fire you in a heartbeat when times are tough. Loyalty in employment is a thing of the past. Your responsibility is to yourself and your family.
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    Inventor wants to help us on his jobs in shop+sign NDA

    RUN AWAY! Nothing, and I mean nothing, has ever worked for me with an "inventor."