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  1. RC Mech

    threading a block too heavy for the table

    I have one of those Millwaukees. MT3 spindle. Jacob’s chuck. Overkill for nearly everything but when you need it, accept no substitutes.
  2. RC Mech

    Radial Arm Drill

    What a machine! I have zero use for it, but a guy can dream eh?
  3. RC Mech

    Making you own ball joint.

    IME the ball will be highly polished. I would not be surprised if it was also hard chromed. Toyota part as well, the cup will have a bronze bushing, not nylon. Particularly for that year. I’ve also seen them set up where the ball drops into the socket and is retained by a circlip. Should the...
  4. RC Mech

    V1 of my hydraulic angle iron shear failed. Would appreciate any feedback so I can design a better V2.

    Not really interested in designing this from scratch for you. I will say you need to start with blocks of tool steel and not rely on the cylinder to maintain alignment. Do more research.
  5. RC Mech

    V1 of my hydraulic angle iron shear failed. Would appreciate any feedback so I can design a better V2.

    Poor material, poor geometry, poor surface treatment, poor support. Did you make that press?
  6. RC Mech

    Clever Frankenmill

    And look good while doing it.
  7. RC Mech

    Good Quality Drill Press

    Where have you searched? Quebec is the ideal province to find such a machine- tons of industry there. You want a Strands S68 or Arboga (mentioned). Being in Canada the Strands will be easier to find. TOS made a heck of a fixed-head drill press. TOS is a likely bet in Canada as well, unlike the...
  8. RC Mech

    Swapping drivetrain in an old Hyster...

    That’s who I thought of when I opened this thread. The guy did all that work to end up with a worse machine?
  9. RC Mech

    A humble request for mentor. Potential new shop.

    I’m moving to a larger space in a couple of weeks and you can bet your ass I’ve not had a machine on in the past 10-12 days. Need time to conceptualize and ensure this move isn’t going to be more of the same. Better products, better margins, better customers. I ain’t moving 100k lbs of shit to...
  10. RC Mech

    Procedure for when penetrant inspection gets rejected

    I’d be asking for a copy of the full report before doing anything.
  11. RC Mech

    Solidworks prices more than doubling?

    Makes a really good argument for sailing the high-seas.
  12. RC Mech

    Skimmer: disk or belt?

    Not sure if it’s copacetic but when the wipers on our discs wear or break we replace with expired library/transit cards. Punch 2 holes in them and Bob’s yer auntie.
  13. RC Mech

    What's your essential toolholder list?

    As we’re in Canada we use BRT Tools. Good pricing and quick to ship to our shop, and forget about the USD mark up. Reverse case can be taken advantage of for you US shops. https://www.eagleindustrial.ca/shop/rotary-tooling/
  14. RC Mech

    machineinventory.shop got ripped off, looking for more information

    Raymond Ranouf on the business listing, Alan Bradley is the name the guy gave, “others” are telling you it’s Al Babin. Where’s the evidence? So far the only evidence is “Raymond Ranouf” owns the business. If this is connected to the scam artist Al Babin in CT I wouldn’t be surprised, but you...
  15. RC Mech

    New member just getting to know the place.

    Well at least you’re humble eh.
  16. RC Mech

    Best methods for many threaded holes

    No extra tooling cost but significant extra labour cost. Flipping with a stop may or may not be repeatable depending on who’s doing the flip. We’ve been running a job like this daily for the past several months, except with more extreme conditions (1” depth, steel, QC gauges every hole on...
  17. RC Mech

    Oversizing motor on mechanical press brake

    As above bending force decreases with larger die opening. I would not over speed a cast iron flywheel. If you want to change the motor to a 1 hp 1750 rpm motor to aid in starting effort, great. But increasing speed, don’t do that.
  18. RC Mech

    Air compressor recommendations for home shop

    On those cheap single phase twin pumps just take the breather off the crank case and make sure oil spits out.
  19. RC Mech

    Wasino LJ-6m with Fanuc 10t

    Far from an expert on controls but yes it’s a parameter. If you can pull up the feed hold ladder on the diagnostics screen maybe someone who speaks block diagrams can help out.
  20. RC Mech

    Electric Forklift

    Thread is nearly old enough to vote, but thanks for your spam contribution.