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  1. Orange Vise

    Talon Grips Tips

    Usually not a problem with 6061, but you can always use taller grippers (0.125"), e.g. - Anderson Mfg Serra Bites - MMM-USA Piranhas - The larger 3/4" square Mitee Bite Talon Grips
  2. Orange Vise

    Auto Vise Do's and Don'ts

    Not much to say about the general functionality of the vises. They work. Grease them as needed or your clamping force will drop off. Jaws can make or break the reliability of your process. I only use steel soft jaws, with big steps cut into them. I rarely get misloads, and if I do, they get...
  3. Orange Vise

    Why do you like Orange Vise?

    You know our products are backed by a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects, right? Your vises appear to be a mixed bag. The two on the left with no black oxide coating on the main screws are quite a few years old. 2016 era? Improvements have been made to our manufacturing since then...
  4. Orange Vise

    Successful Failure, Again!

    Z-overload can sometimes be caused by packed chips. The drill tip is riding on a chip rather than the workpiece, and thus not doing any cutting. Like chip recutting, but worse. I think pecking will help, as long as it's done slowly enough to clear all the chips.
  5. Orange Vise

    Dressing sticks for CBN

    Also: https://www.mcmaster.com/4563A16/ I use these automated in a CNC tool grinder, aka "white sticking".
  6. Orange Vise

    Garage Shop

    Mountain biking is huge in the UK. Lots of small brands there to drive demand for domestic manufacturing. He's probably not running every pallet every day. More likely on-demand. The cycling industry went absolutely gangbusters during covid. Nobody could keep products in stock. It's settled...
  7. Orange Vise

    Help with milling cast

    5-6 times the diameter on a cobalt endmill is going to cause serious problems. Cobalt/HSS has less than a third of the rigidity of carbide, and even carbide doesn't play well at those types of stickouts unless you're cutting aluminum and plastics. What's the absolute largest diameter tool you...
  8. Orange Vise

    EcoMill 1100v with an SV0436 alarm...

    Yup. It's a servo amplifier alarm. Did your toolpath have a lot of direction changes in Y?
  9. Orange Vise

    A humble request for mentor. Potential new shop.

    Emphasis added. One thing I was never prepared for was just how much I'd have to give [to the business]. Just when you think you've given it your all, you'll be forced to dig deeper.
  10. Orange Vise

    Custom made 3/4" boring bar up-scaled from a 3/8" boring bar that can't hold it's pants up.

    Sunk cost fallacy. Here you go, less than $44: https://www.maritool.com/Indexable-Tooling-Boring-Bars-Steel-Boring-Bars/c50_142_109/p383/SOLID-STEEL-BORING-BAR-.750-shank/product_info.html The angles you're referring to are better known as "relief" and "rake".
  11. Orange Vise

    Phonebooth size machine: Practical for job shop work?

    If you're swapping them, the S300 is probably big enough. ~12" X travel (300mm). Mounting a single vise isn't so bad, but mounting a rotary gets old quick. Easier just to get an S500 and leave both installed. What kind of space constraints are you dealing with?
  12. Orange Vise

    A humble request for mentor. Potential new shop.

    Is moonlighting an option? Operating a garage shop while holding a day job is one of the best ways to get your feet wet with entrepreneurship. It largely eliminates the "fight for survival" aspect of owning a business.
  13. Orange Vise

    Shell/Face mill insert holder naming convention

    HSS shell mills came first: Shell mill holders were made to hold these. Indexable facemills came later and were made to interface with the same holders.
  14. Orange Vise

    Current DMG NHX 3rd Gen vs New Okuma MBH comparison.

    We have four NHX machines, two of which are Gen 3 and both of these have 21-RPS pallet pools. The older Gen 3 has had some nagging issues, mostly electronics/software. The newer one has been a solid performer. If we were to buy a fifth HMC, it would be another NHX. However, I have some doubts...
  15. Orange Vise

    Metallurgy- Can you directly compare the physical properties of ductile cast irons?

    The number you're looking for is fracture toughness, which can be tested using the Charpy v-notch test. There are two parts to the equation, however. Fracture toughness and the starting size of the material's largest defect/inclusion. The idea here is that the defect grows over time through...
  16. Orange Vise

    proper way to set z height for face milling rough cut parts

    Air cutting the safest method. Program multiple depth cuts for the thickest possible stock size. You can also probe and face with a macro counter, eliminating all air passes, but you'd need a decent quantity requirement to justify the hassle.
  17. Orange Vise

    New B-axis machine - experience Doosan SMX2100, Nakamura CTRX-300

    Tailstock support alone is enough to justify the lower turret, IMO.
  18. Orange Vise

    Cat 40 Quick Change For Lathe Turrett

    No, power drawbars take up a lot of room and those live tooling blocks don't have nearly enough. It's been a few years since I saw one of those Mazaks. Is the bolt accessible when a cutting tool is installed?
  19. Orange Vise

    Not willing to change

    Too vague to really provide you with any valuable insight. What are you trying to change? No need to give out specifics since it sounds like you want to keep things discreet, but generally what are we talking about here? Cycle time reduction? Tool life improvement? Higher density fixturing...
  20. Orange Vise

    Business growth, machines purchase to grow.

    I've learned over the years that deviating too far from a winning formula often creates more problems than it solves. At the least, it slows me down. If a single machine works for you today, a second machine of the same make and model will almost assuredly work for you tomorrow. This might not...