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    Hammond Glider Trim o Saw

    Used for trimming lead so I assume he lives in the lost city of Atlantis, deep underwater where folks need lead ballast to stay down. seen Jimmy Hofa? Bill D
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    Buffalo drill press with radial saw motor

    If the motor is hinged there may be a strong spring pushing out on the horizontal rod that pushes the motor backwards. Do let that spring fly off and hit you or get lost. Bill D Walker Turner DP had an optional slow speed reducer pulley. Not sure but it has an eccentric mount to tighten the...
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    Swapping drivetrain in an old Hyster...

    The ford ranger pickup was like that as well. Kept the factory automatic? transmission. Bill D
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    Hamas strike on Israel.

    William Shakespeare lived about 500 years ago. He wrote in standard English with no deep philosophical teaching. Mohamed three times longer, Christ four times longer, old testament maybe eight times longer ago. If Shakesphere is that hard for us to understand in our native tongue at only 500...
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    Hamas strike on Israel.

    Some more strict christians do not make that distinction between kill and murder. AFAIK Only Jews and 7th day adventists keep the last day of the week as the sabbath day. Any calendar will show the last day of the week is Saturday not Sunday. MY oven made by GE in the USA has "Sababth mode" for...
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    Hamas strike on Israel.

    Are you saying a person who joins the military is not a Christian since they took a job where they shalt kill. How about non vegetarians. How is a good christian supposed to kill a witch? Bill D
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    Pallet Racking Above Equipment… what could go wrong?

    If they are properly bolted to a solid concrete floor they should be oaky. Determine which direction the acceleration will be and add bracing to counter that. If possible align the long dimension parallel to expected acceleration. I do not know where you live in California but I would expect...
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    OT- source for an inexpensive screw jack?

    Ford cars and trucks. Bill D...
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    Swapping drivetrain in an old Hyster...

    Alice Cooper has a Citreon DS with a Corvette v8 in it. I think it was switched to rear drive. Wonder if they kept the hydraulic suspension? Is the roll cage stock? BilL D https://www.carscoops.com/2013/10/buy-v8-powered-citroen-ds-and-have/√
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    OT, can I convert my gas fired free standing fireplace to a manual control?

    I assume your gas supplier will come out and adjust the flame for air balance and best combustion for free once the plumbing is done. Bill D
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    OT, can I convert my gas fired free standing fireplace to a manual control?

    You could use a 24 or 120 volt valve and control it with any type of remote for 120 volts into the valve or transformer. Not sure about the pilot lite feature. Now is the time of year to get remote control outlets for holiday lights and repurpose them for stuff like this. Attic lights and...
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    Pallet Racking Above Equipment… what could go wrong?

    Make sure the pieces are bolted together not just teardrop holes and rivets. I would lay plywood on the shelf above the machines to catch any little stuff that rolls and would fall through the wire grid. Seems like a good way to support a work light and a fan. Maybe a airhose to blow stuff...
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    OT, can I convert my gas fired free standing fireplace to a manual control?

    I would run a thermostat not just on/off. As long as the valve is enough BTU's for the burner no problem. You may want to add a throttle valve downstream to control flame height. The valve will have a throttle inside but it may be hard to adjust after installing. Do you have drip leg going...
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    Hammond Glider Trim o Saw

    Designed to trim lead printing type I guess. Bill D. https://www.practicalmachinist.com/forum/threads/fs-hammond-trim-o-saw.365580/
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    Straight, square & parallel (DIY)

    Is that the same Whitworth of British threads at 55 degrees? Bill D
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    O.T. Emergency toe amputation.

    Interesting to see Horrible Fright carries wheel chairs and walkers. So this stuff must be common enough for them to cater to those customers. They used to carry a nice stainless steel shoehorn made in India. Be careful about how shoes and socks fit. Good luck with it all. I was expecting a...
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    Move lathe NH to GA

    Probably too long for Fastenal. Bill D
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    Places to list used industrial/commercial equipment?

    There is/was a marketplace scam where buyers would ask for your phone number. Then they text you with code number and ask you to text that number back to prove you are not a bot. By texting that number back you give them, permission to get into your goggle account and hack lots of stuff. Not...
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    Interesting surface grinder converted to belt sander/grinder

    On sale on local Craig's list. Delta Millwaukee tool maker grinder. Looks like they replaced the grinding wheel with a sanding belt and some idler wheels on springs. They are asking $800 for it. Probably accurate enough for blacksmith work. Burr King comes to mind. Bill D...
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    Safe hoisting load on this truss beam

    This roof will have no extra capacity since the OP has no snow load or tornados to consider. In the Lake Tahoe area some roofs require a snow load of over 200 pounds per square foot. A roof like that, in summer, would be much safer to hoist from. Bill D