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    Tips for improving surface finish on shallow concave surfaces in 6061 Al?

    I completely understand keeping the ops down to maximize your time. Small 2FL tool is my advice for finish. Big tools don't have the same edge and precision as small, yes you get big step overs but at the cost of crap finish at the center. Max 3/8 dia 2FL, 1/4-3/16 is usually as good as it gets...
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    Vote in the chipmaker challenge!

    Hey All, At the upcoming IMTS 2014 show next week the final competition for the Hurco Chipmaker Challenge will be happening. They will be giving the winner a new Hurco VMX42I (VMC) to 1 of 7 start up manufacturing companies/entrepreneurs. The competition is decided by judges but online voting...
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    Hey stephen I was wondering if you have any more of your straight edge castings available in...

    Hey stephen I was wondering if you have any more of your straight edge castings available in either heavy or light version? If you not, do you know when they might be available? Thanks
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    Gunsmithing Lathe dilema, Which one???

    I'm going to put in my 2 cents on the tailstock, in my experience, the tailstock handwheel dial that a lot of the machines are coming with now are not accurate at all, so I wouldn't worry about that. I tell people to forget they are even there. Especially if you're talking chamber reaming, I...
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    K&T model 2H

    She's a beauty! have fun with your new toy.
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    Free Lathe and Mill SE Mass

    Hmm I wonder how much i can fit in my carry on and checked baggage and store the rest?
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    Of service and success, WELLS-INDEX, 40H spindle removal

    I have a Index model 40 also and love it. Wells-Index is the exception in this country on most all accounts, to be around so long making quality machines and not hesistate to give above excellent customer service on 60 year old machines is a major statement in my book. Service after the sale is...
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    childs mill for sale

    Yeah I saw it the other night too and was blown away with the pencil being 2/3 the length of the table! I bet it's a good mill for it's size.
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    Index Model 40 mill restoration

    I have an Index model 40 and I love it! Quite rigid for it's size and handles everything I throw at it. I too had to replace the old 1/2 h.p. factory motor with a baldor 1 1/2 h.p., but I didnt hesitate great motor for the mill. I too bought the $40 rip off copied manual from Wells-Index and was...
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    OLD Antique Machinery Haulers' Group Membership Signup . . .

    Count me in. Rescued some old iron myself. Ill help in how ever i can. no trailer or storage, but U-hual always has em. Have a few friends with big trucks and trailers for heavy equipment if need be. Basic loading/rigging equipment. Would like to help anyone rescue some of our industrial history.
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    One man's take on being competitive with China

    I feel the only way to turn around our economy, and our slow downfall, is trade tarriffs on imported goods. not saying thats the only thing or will solve the entire problem but it's one of the biggest to address. Possibilly not all goods but vast majority. Yes prices will rise and people won't...