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  1. 310 Guy

    Automotive machining question…

    Been turning wrenches for 55 years... absolutely do NOT use compression fittings on a vehicle. They work (sort of) in a house because the house (usually) doesn't move or vibrate. If used on a vehicle which vibrates, they will leak. Every time. CutterBill
  2. 310 Guy

    My first Lathe - learning. American Pacemaker 1948 16x78

    Nice hobby lathe! :drool5:
  3. 310 Guy


    Well done! reminds me that I need to fabricate a similar brake system for my Graziano SAG12. Damn thing takes forever to spin down...
  4. 310 Guy

    floor jack (or other type) recommendation

    Floor jacks are expendable tools. Buy cheap (Harbor Freight is fine.) When it breaks, throw it out and buy another. Bill
  5. 310 Guy

    Planing Aluminium and steel

    Aluminum through a wood planer? Hmmmm.... Ya know, I've never seen a planer explode... Bill
  6. 310 Guy

    Steady Rest Modification Plan

    Or just make one. It's not hard... For my Graziano SAG12, piece of 1.5 inch thick mystery aluminum I found in the shop (it cut like 6061.) Some half-inch bolts with bearing bronze caps pressed onto the ends. Works just fine... Bill
  7. 310 Guy

    Radial Force on Ball Bearing Via Vice Setup, Type of Vice Recommendation Needed

    I recommend that you look at the bearing manufacturer's engineering manuals. Timken and SKF both have extensive manuals online. All of the testing has already been done and the info is in the manuals. Bill
  8. 310 Guy

    Is this Sag 12 worth the price?

    I have a SAG12 which I bought about 10 years ago. Paid $3000 for it but it had been used only for cutting nylon and was carefully maintained. Also came with a good 3-jaw, a drawer full of soft jaws and a well-made collet closer. I really like it; good lathe. Absolutely do NOT buy this lathe...
  9. 310 Guy

    Series 1 Bridgeport DRO recomendation

    dropros.com Edit: be wary of the the cheap Chinese DRO's. I have one on my Bridgeport and it actually works quite well. But I can't read the manual... the words are English but the sentence structure is not. :D Bill
  10. 310 Guy

    MD who Scrapes like a Pro

    That shop looks like he never makes anything, just spends all day polishing his machines. Wow! Seriously, how does he control the mess? Flying chips, coolant, and cutting oils? Or does he just cut everything dry? Amazing shop. I'm a bit jealous... Bill
  11. 310 Guy

    Building a precision based 5-Axis CNC for metal work

    Simple. Make a mold, truck it to a foundry and say "Fill 'er up!" Nothing to it... :popcorn:
  12. 310 Guy

    OT Educate me on home AC

    Nope, it's true if you live in a humid climate (like Houston.) A small unit will run for a longer time than a large unit, thereby removing more moisture from the air. The large unit will come on, quickly lower the temperature inside the house and then shut off, but it won't run long enough to...
  13. 310 Guy

    How many tons does a sledge produce ?

    Your first post, and you drag up a 15-year old thread?
  14. 310 Guy

    Advice for an odd case of stripped holes

    FAA certified A&P mechanic with Inspection Authorization here... My head just exploded. You're going to fix a metric bolt/hole on a French (metric) airplane with an inch-sized tap/drill? Please... don't. I know of no polite way to say this, but your description of metric thread pitch as "tpi"...
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  16. 310 Guy

    Small claims for payment

    Just sayin'....
  17. 310 Guy

    Air Rivet Guns

    Ohhhhh.... FYI, those aren't "rivet guns." Those are "pneumatic rivet pullers." Rivet guns drive solid rivets against a bucking bar. Bill
  18. 310 Guy

    Air Rivet Guns

    Ummm... you do know that rivet guns require oiling, yes? At least daily. Run dry, they won't last long. Bill
  19. 310 Guy

    What makes a good shop stereo system for 60x60x20 area?

    I don't always listen to Pink Floyd but when I do, so do my neighbors. :D Bill
  20. 310 Guy

    Reaming Cast Fittings

    Too bad you didn't make a video; would have been fun to watch. Strictly for educational purposes, of course... Bill