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    Case hardening steel with sugar fact or fiction?

    in reality, most of them were Canadians.
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    manhole cover """camelback""" dovetail straight edge

    throw it in a big Bonfire and remove it in a day or two.
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    Shaper owners

    nice shaper looks in good shape
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    What to use on bright parts to prevent rust?

    Car wax. Take your pick
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    Yavapai 1911 slide jig

    the home gunsmithing forum has prints of it.
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    Monarch C part out

    how much for taper attachment and all parts shown with it?
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    Interesting Long-Travel Rivett Taper Attachment

    there is no clutch on this lathe, just the slot for the handle.
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    Scoring on slideways. What to do?

    its great. The best lathe I have ever used, I just wish it had the taper attachment. The one fault I can give it is the lubrication for the carriage gears and the lubrication for the carriage and crossfeed ways shares the same oil sump. I drain, flush with paint thinner, and refill it every...
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    Scoring on slideways. What to do?

    shapeaholic, did you ever finish your Hendy Toolroom lathe?
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    Rivett 1030f PNW C/L

    that is the next to last one ever built.
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    For Sale Rockford Hy-Draulic 16 inch shaper in Rochester, NY $500

    this sounds like a ggreat deal for someone. Ear plugs are cheap.
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    New (used) machine day

    Colchesters have been made in Asia for decades.
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    just heard on Ox tools youtube channel that member Carla has passed. We are diminished.
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    Wildly Overpriced Big Cincinnati Shaper

    there looks to be a lot of Collector coloured Monarch Lathes as well as various mills. I am sure that Beertram lathe was his at one time. Lathes – Lenmark Industries Ltd
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    Wildly Overpriced Big Cincinnati Shaper

    collector has a Churchill way grinder, maybe he is selling off some machines.
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    FS Swiss Files

    I will take 2. EMT or PAYPAL or ...?
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    FS Swiss Files

    how much for Canadians BOB?