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  1. mrainey

    Buttress Thread Help Measuring

    Likely all true, but we both know better than to assume anything. The oddball diameters and designations might well be accompanied by other "special" features.
  2. mrainey

    Buttress Thread Help Measuring

    6-3/4"-3N Buttress-2ASA, RH I haven't seen 3N or 2ASA on a blueprint before, and can't find them in the standard or by using Google. If it was my job, I'd be on the phone to the customer. It could even have a modified thread form.
  3. mrainey

    ME Threadpal is amazing!

    Thanks guys, much appreciated.
  4. mrainey

    Alternatives to G-wizard?

    ME Consultant is still one of the best machining calculators out there, and it includes a number of additional features useful to programmers and machinists. The Pro version adds a powerful quoting package which is integrated with the machining calculator. ME Consultant Standard ME Consultant...
  5. mrainey

    Chamfer trigonometry

    Free calculator. https://www.closetolerancesoftware.com/Misc/depth.zip
  6. mrainey

    How much detail does a drawing require

    In my opinion, those parts are unacceptable.
  7. mrainey

    OT: Has anyone here used Google's "adwords"?

    I tried Adwords for a couple of years, found it made no consistent difference in sales. Close Tolerance Software
  8. mrainey

    feed rate quesiton

    This will calculate the theoretical feedrate needed to achieve a specified surface finish when using a specified tool radius. Surface Finish
  9. mrainey

    Turning RPM calculated from Turn Diameter or Stock Diameter?

    So, when facing from large diameter to small, you use the tooltip to calculate RPM, but when turning along Z you use the stock diameter? Could get confusing.
  10. mrainey

    Turning RPM calculated from Turn Diameter or Stock Diameter?

    If RPM were to be calculated using stock diameter instead of turn diameter, then what would be the reason for having G96 constant surface speed? My vote is for calculating RPM based on the actual diameter being turned.
  11. mrainey

    Back up your computer!

    I use Terabyte's Bootit Bare Metal to make a complete image of my Windows partition every week or two. I include the date in the name of the image folder (ex. 121517.img for December 15, 2017). I also do an incremental backup (not imaged) of the partition where I store data. I save the image...
  12. mrainey

    Custom thread size?

    Everybody have a great day today! :)
  13. mrainey

    Thread Pal??

    Downloading instructions have been sent.
  14. mrainey

    Custom thread size?

    You should designate it as 1.4130-28 UNS. You would then have to include on your drawing every dimension needed for machining and inspection. According to the H28 manual, this would fall into the category of “threads of special diameters, pitches, and lengths of engagement”.
  15. mrainey

    Tap Drill Size?

    Wouldn't use that chart.
  16. mrainey

    Tap Drill Size?

    I think the max minor diameter is 0.5917
  17. mrainey

    SMW Indexer head repair?

    Back in the late eighties I worked (briefly) for SMW. At that time, all of their indexers came from China.
  18. mrainey

    Measuring buttress threads over wires

    ThreadPal numbers agree with Gagemaker numbers.
  19. mrainey

    Guesstimating part costs before RFQs (as a designer, [not RFQ])

    This software is made to order for what you want to do. Ten day free trial. http://closetolerancesoftware.com/MEPro.html
  20. mrainey

    NPT Bore Depths

    I've never seen a spec for drill depth. Here's some useful info for tap depth. http://www.closetolerancesoftware.com/Misc/npt%20tap%20projection.jpg