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    Old Niagra 10ft drop shear

    maybe lose the leather belt,get some rubber hay bailer belting? good luck. Gw
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    0t--Gordies big cranes

    THANK YOU!! Deeetroit /Windsor bridge,yes Sir! wees da booys dat build da carrrs. This made me sit up in my chair,and fur a second made me 50 years younger. Thankd again J. Gw
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    Looking for 21071 Eutectic bronze powder or a replacement

    usta be that folks that make diamond tools,single point and rotating plunge wheels were using this material, twas 1968 that I was witness to this, prolly all obsolete with CNC? dunno good luck. Gw
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    Merry 2023 Christmas, best wishes to the Forums

    and from the west side of Deeetroit , same to you kind sir and to the rest of you folks as well,HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! Greg
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    Journeyman 250 not holding tool holder anymore

    Yes I,I have. the threads on the end of my draw bar were stripped/wore out, my cure was to remove worn part of draw bar a nd weld a quality bolt of correct size in its place. over ten years ago,still holding. good luck Greg
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    Mori Seiki MV55 with MX2 Control Information Wanted

    Bill, I think I answered your email,please check, i sent my phone number, I would enjoy helping you. please let me know you got my message. hoping I know what I am doing. Greg
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    Mori Seiki MV55 with MX2 Control Information Wanted

    I have a Matsuura(1986-87) with a MX2, would mine help? Would be glad to help. Greg
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    OT- having a deep freezer exposed to outside temps.

    When I was feeding horses,i used a chest freezer to store my horse feed,unplugged. kept the mice out,plus the elevenseventeen wild cats that moved in helped. butt,the cats were eating to many wild critters besides mice.
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    Not really off topic: Anyone ever make an urn?

    one of my custmors ask me to make a large copper cross for his murdered sister, i did, i bought material, no charge to him, told him i was honored to do it, because i was.
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    "UAW will strike against Detroit automakers if deals aren’t reached by Thursday (tomorrow)"

    United we stand divided we fall, some mite want to take the word United out of our countries name? I get a kick outa the boys thinkin they are on top, knowing they are gonna fall, we talkin Motor City here, very rare for ANYBODY to stay on top for long, gotta good job? buy a big house...
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    Matsuura mc 500v general operation questions

    I will try here make sure mach has been homed make sure mach has air move Z down from (minus) in mdi or write a gram . T7; G91 G28 Z0; M06; That should do a T/C to turn spindle on in MDI M03 S250; should turn spindle on at 250RPMs to change RPMs in MDI,type S750; should speed...
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    Matsuura Mc-500v power source question

    I run my 1986 Matsuura 800-- on a American rotary,works good ,has for a decade n more. I have next to no knowledge of fire in the wire, the A.R. seemed and sounded right at the time, I would at the very least listen to what Vancbiker has to say, he is very knowledgeable about this question of...
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    Lil OT: Mounting anvil to wood block.

    prolly depends on where one lives ,eh? I have rounds like that I am fixin to split for feeding my coal stoves ,Michigan still has very large trees,oak,elm,cherry are what I have.
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    OT: Who Else Rides a Motorcycle?

    I dont want a pickle...,just wanna ride my motor cyccle, yup i rode em, prolly a dozen ,maybe more? dirt and street,too old now,lost the lust. but man oh man whilst i had it,better than any drug ever. short story, bought a yamaha 500 enduro,4 str. twas a 77 model, knobbed her up,and slowed...
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    slowest summer in our 20 years.

    its my understanding they plan to hit critical suppliers that will slow the others to a crawl, layoffs would insue, collecting un employment then, saving the war chest for the key/struck plant. dont know bout bold type here? Gw
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    OT: home backup power generators

    800 sumthin ,vert. X30"Y20"Z18"4,500 RPMs,30 tools,1986 model (ha ha?),aint much but she does what she is told wit out trouble, its been here for about 15 years., I think it weighs 15,000 pounds? Sooo,now that your power is back, feel a genset thought fading??? bad news neighbor, the power...
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    Matsuura 760v 2 no spindle stabilization

    Rubber spider between drive motor and gear box?
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    OT: home backup power generators

    I am 20 miles west of you, our power juuuust came back a hour ago. silence!!! the scream of the genset is gone. I put mine to close to the house. bought the largest air cooled kolher they sold bought 10 years ago. runs everthing cept my Matsuura. propane here, best advice i got for you is...
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    sine bar setting height

    twas written on a cave wall"youth is going to the dogs" as the blinders tighten. Gw