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    Excello 602 mill sn # 6028763 1979

    Here's a 602 that was recently being parted out: https://www.practicalmachinist.com/forum/threads/parting-out-excello-602-mill.417972/ Does yours have an R8 spindle? If so, for the part that drives the tool holder maybe you're referring to what I think is a set screw that engages the slot in...
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    New to me South Bend

    What I'm describing here will be a reversing switch but not the power switch for the single phase motor. You'll need a separate power switch for line 1 & line 2. For 220/240 V both Line 1 and Line 2 are hot. You should switch both lines off when turning off the motor. A 3-phase reversing...
  3. J

    Santec bed mill

    I suggest removing the address and phone number. Provide it in private message (conversation) when needed. Now it is available for every miscreant worldwide to harvest and use for any purpose. Also might want to add the price.
  4. J

    Starrett Micrometers and B & S boxed "Best Test" indicator

    The package arrived yesterday, a day ahead of schedule and in good shape. Thanks for the great packing job and yes that Starrett 230 does look like brand new!
  5. J

    FS: Jacobs drill chucks, LIke new Kant-Twist clamps, a few collets and 244 pictures of thing you can own.

    The Kant Twist clamps arrived today. That was lightning fast! Yep they're almost like new. And yes, the towels and wash cloths will come in handy in the shop! Hope you got my mail. Thanks! Oh and I coulda bought a lot more. But had to exercise some self control. Arrrgh!
  6. J

    Need help choosing VFD or RPC for Sharp 1118h

    I see it also has a half HP carriage feed motor and a lower power coolant pump motor. Does the installation manual or operators manual provide any guidance on powering the lathe?
  7. J

    FS: Jacobs drill chucks, LIke new Kant-Twist clamps, a few collets and 244 pictures of thing you can own.

    I would like the kant twist: Edit: requesting 1 pair of each 410 pair 420 pair 2.5" pair PM coming.
  8. J

    2024 AL Bar ends. Anyone interested before they get scrapped?

    I'm interested in a flat-rate box of the aluminum, assorted, or what's available.
  9. J

    South bend headstock thrust bearings

    Is this what you're referring to? I bought one of these for my 10L and it seems to work fine. https://www.ebay.com/itm/273431649392?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=66Aiyu2oRFW&sssrc=4429486&ssuid=IW2g_uRlSLK&var=&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY
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    Excello 602 Part out Machine

    Hello Stephen, Actually I've had some success with this machine, and after a few repairs, it's running. Everything seems to be working, so I'm planning to start using it and hopefully it will become my primary and possibly only milling machine. If you would be interested in getting any...
  11. J

    Excello 602 belt replacement

    Looks nice; thanks for the video. Does your 602 use a magnetic starter? Or drum switch? I have an earlier 602 that's not as pretty but works ok. Had to do minor repairs on motor & on spindle brake. The quill oil cup quickly drains out and onto the table so I guess I need to pull the quill &...
  12. J

    OT- having a deep freezer exposed to outside temps.

    Well you definitely want to avoid an automatic defrost freezer, which needs to live in an environment that doesn't go below freezing. Auto defrost also degrades your food much more rapidly than a plain old deep freeze.
  13. J

    SouthBend Lathe CL187A Need Info Please

    I agree that it looks nice from the photos. I also agree that $2000 would seem like a reasonable asking price in my area, but you may have to adjust depending on your location. It's common that someone coming to look at the lathe would want to see it running. I'll advise that this machine is...
  14. J

    Scrap Carbide, Who Buys It?

    Dunce ebay sellers should be required to take a packing & shipping class taught by you!
  15. J

    Heavy 10 motor belt size

    Here's the sleeve that mine came in, with some specs.
  16. J

    changing heavy 10 spindle wicks as preventive maintenance?

    Hello Tim, It's always best to start a new thread with a specific descriptive title, because many will not continue reading an old thread and never see your message. Regarding the Expander Oil Retaining Wick, I used the Ilion kit and there was definitely felt of the correct size for my Heavy...
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    Speedometer/Tachometer Bezel Removal Tool

    When servicing, I believe they cut the bezel off and then swage a new one in place.
  18. J

    Unused endmills

    Are these all HSS? I can see that 2 of them are. Number of flutes? Thanks