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    1943 16", broken gear, tumbler area

    As far as a replacement gear, try SBLatheman.
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    1943 16", broken gear, tumbler area

    Here's a link to the PDF file which has a parts list, in case you don't already have this. http://vintagemachinery.org/pubs/1617/3463.pdf
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    1943 16", broken gear, tumbler area

    Hello Greg, It's been a while since I took my 16" SB lathe apart, but I ended up removing the bearing block at the tail stock end, temporarily supporting the feed/lead screw. I got the banjo gearing out of the way, then removed the gearbox with the feed/lead screw attached. There is a tapered...
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    Adjusting Rambaudi x axis screw

    Hello Blazemaster I will attempt to post a few pics of what literature that I have on the adjustment of the x lead screw nuts. I included the bearings, since it was on the same page. Brian
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    Victor lathe headstock gears

    Seems to me that Adam Booth, AKA Abom 79 has that same lathe. Maybe reach out to him. He's here on PM. YouTube Brian
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    Influenza shot reminder

    Thanks for the reminder, Limi... :) I'll get mine soon as well...
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    Rambaudi manual

    "Hi Brian, did you have any luck with a manual? Ive got an ms2 too and would like one. Thanks Marc" Hi Marc, I never did find a manual for my machine, but a fellow from Australia printed off a manual and blueprints for me, for a V-2 Milling machine. There is some info in this, that pertains...
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    South Bend 16 Toolroom Lathe - The Adventure Begins...

    Yes, exactly... Thanks Kevin :) Brian
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    South Bend 16 Toolroom Lathe - The Adventure Begins...

    Hey Kevin, Your lathe is coming along nicely.... :) Would you mind measuring the shaft on your taper attachment, that holds the bed clamp for me? Just the diameter and exposed length of the rod. Thanks... :) Brian
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    QGC speed plate

    Try giving SBLatheman a private message. He had a NOS one for me, when I needed one. Brian :)
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    RPC- Ready made, panel, or kit?

    Kinetic, I bought the Standard panel, and it works just fine... :) Brian
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    Canadian General Tool and Exaktor gone?

    Seems to me that I heard that they stopped manufacturing their Canadian made machinery, and are only supplying their "International" line. Brian
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    RPC- Ready made, panel, or kit?

    I also bought a 10 HP panel from them, and it's been working flawlessly for about 4 years now. Mind you, I work as a hobbyist... Brian
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    OT- is there a decent trail camera for less than $80 ?

    I have several different brands of game cameras, but the one that I really like, is the Stealth Cam G42NG. It's video and picture resolution is excellent, and additionally, you have audio. I usually can buy them for around $150.00 CAD. I have a few of the cheaper ones, and they don't even come...
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    16" Lodge and Shipley Advice Needed

    Well, I was finally able to meet up with Errol, yesterday, as he was coming through Moncton. I ended up purchasing the 4-jaw chuck from him. It's a little dirty, but it looks to be in excellent shape and will clean up well. What a difference in the weight of the 16" 3-jaw chuck that I have...
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    Need help with W/S #3 Turret Lathe

    I am assuming a 3- phase motor. Try reversing two of the leads to get the motor to turn in the opposite direction. Brian
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    16" Lodge and Shipley Advice Needed

    Hello Errol :) Greetings from Boundary Creek, New Brunswick... Thank you for your kind words... :) I like your method of repair, although, I haven't cut gear teeth yet, I am certain that I could learn. I am interested in your 4-jaw chuck, as this lathe only came with a 3-jaw. Maybe you could...
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    16" Lodge and Shipley Advice Needed

    Oh, Froneck, Yes, it seems that I am missing the thumb screw for the threading stop on the cross feed dial. I'll have to make one. Brian
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    16" Lodge and Shipley Advice Needed

    I think that I have figured out the two items that I had questioned about. It looks like this hole in the casting, leads to a set screw, that holds the quadrant bushing. I'll see if I can vacuum it out, to make sure that there is a set screw down there, and I might put a piece of felt in the...
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    16" Lodge and Shipley Advice Needed

    My second question is about this lever inside the banjo gear box. It has a spring loaded plunger with a pin, that engages one hole. It can swing up to the right, and then the pin rests against the boss, holding it out of the way. I don't see any information, concerning this lever on the...