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    Reproducing a Metal Electrical Part made over 100 years ago

    You need to get the original material analyzed before you go too far. My guess is that it's actually a cupronickel alloy as opposed to zinc. Investment casting isn't that expensive. A jeweler could vulcanize you a mold that will hold that level of detail. Then you just shoot wax in it...
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    Share your stories about guys who got fired

    After reading this thread, It is sheer luck that I have never been fired.
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    Cheap Fiber Lasers - technology durability

    Yes, they are engraving lasers, but with enough passes, will cut....not efficiently enough for an industrial operation, but for prototyping small parts, lots faster than the alternatives
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    Cheap Fiber Lasers - technology durability

    Ha....yeah 50 watt, not kw. I'm not shooting airplanes out of the sky.
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    Cheap Fiber Lasers - technology durability

    I feel like we are starting to see significant price movement in the fiber laser department. I'm curious, when you look at a product like a 50w fiber galvo laser, what does the industrial proven brand equivalent cost? I'd like the ability to cut small parts (2-3" square), but mostly etch at...
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    Does ANYBODY use eBay anymore?

    I still buy and sell. Not as much as I used to, but enough. I can't complain much. It gives me access to a huge customer base for about 20% of gross sales. It's definitely changed over the years, but what hasn't.
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    Large piece of pipe sleeved with DOM tubing just large enough for your allen wrench. Keep it hidden from the gorillas that install the dies. You'll need this tool from time to time. Those are not intended to be tightened much when installing the dies...just enough to keep the die in...
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    College Apartment Job Shop?

    Get back in school or do whatever you have to do to get yourself into a engineering technician position so you can start building experience. The parts that can be made on small, affordable machines, will not make you money unless they are unique. If you are already writing off sex machines...
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    OT: Anybody drive a Toyota Tundra? How's reliability been for you?

    What is a reasonable mileage to get out of one? I drive average 100 miles a day, so 30,000 a year easy. Had a Corolla that I sold at 288 that has since exceeded 300.
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    Surgical Steel

    Agreed. That is an amazing summary of properties.
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    Where does all the scrap go? How much those scrappers making?

    It's not an easy business. You try to make 20% off the material between the purchase and the sale, and that has to cover your overhead. 100% on iron. You always run the site on an already existing superfund. Ie, you don't just buy up 10 acres and start a scrap yard. You buy a capped...
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    Care and handling of cutting tools/

    At 500x are you doing it with immersion oil, or is this just a 50x objective with a 10x ocular?
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    Stamped brass oil removal.

    6 mg is relatively easy to weigh. My analytical balance reads to 0.01 mg and is repeatable at 0.04 mg and holds linearity at 0.12 mg throughout the 205 g range. Used cost right now is only around $2,000.
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    Care and handling of cutting tools/

    What are you using to get to 500x? You could probably stuff those inserts into a piece of vinyl or silicone tubing instead of going the route of seal wax.
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    Stamped brass oil removal.

    ultrasonic with detergent you want to keep your wash volumes to a minimum as it's likely going to be hazardous waste
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    OT: Where to buy/get small quantity of iron ore?

    Doesn't true "wootz" have to be from the original sources to have the right chemical composition? I used to have a few pounds of round iron ore pellets my grandpa pocketed when he worked on the railroad. He brought them just to show us what his regular cargo was when he was a conductor. He...
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    Hammer help

    The sterilizer is just the tool. I run quality control that ranges from "yes, this was exposed to steam" to live non-pathogenic cultures that are incubated and checked for life. Even then, most iatrogenic infections come from something well outside of the control of the OR. At a past...
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    Hammer help

    If you have feces semen or urine on a mallet, you done fucked up. But yah, we've done more than a few surgeries with "instruments" from the hobby shop or hardware store. Seams are a biomedical engineering challenge. They have to be big enough to allow the steam to penetrate and reach...
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    Hammer help

    Silver brazing is done routinely on surgical instruments. Off the top of my head, poole suction tip, tungsten tipped needle drivers, some of the rapid change surgical reamers. None of these take impact loads though. Welding is pretty common, but I've never seen it on an instrument that...
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    Hammer help

    Here ya go...