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    What is the most efficient way to cut a counterbore?

    On a BP, counterboring tool on the CNC, circular interpolating with an endmill.
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    What is the most efficient way to mill out this hole?

    oh FFS. What tool is going to cost $1200? and why are paying $170 for a HSS endmill??????? 5-10 minutes looking online would have found you a carbide endmill for less. :) :eek: :ack2::rolleyes:🤣🤣 What could possibly go wrong!!?? Fuck me that's the best laugh I'm going to have all week...
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    6 jaw v. 3 jaw chucks?

    apples to oranges The ONLY time a 4 jaw gets on any of my lathes is when chambering rifle barrels, other then that I have no use for them. Been years since I've put either a square or rectangular part in a 4-jaw chuck. Unlike you I don't have the luxury of time to indicate in a round part in a...
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    Tapping 4340 ht (M24-3.0 125mm thru hole)

    Seattle Gear Works fired all their Union employees, who had to re-apply at non-union Machinists inc for employment. Not sure what or if there were repercusions during or after the sale. Had friends who worked at MI, generally thought it was an ok place to work.
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    1980's Bridgeport for sale Located in Bakersfield California. Has tooling as well $6500. Rebuilt head 3 years ago

    Considering the rust it would be worth $1000 to me if close by. Bakersfield? Might as well be B** F*** Egypt
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    Maximum metal removal on lathe

    TPGT is my go to insert on small lathes
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    Tapping Thread Depth

    Say the drawing specified 15-5 but not the heat treat, would you come here and ask whether it should be Hxxx? Yes best course of action. Try and avoid words like lousy when asking for clarification words matter. Of course, not something that's likely to burst open in a heavy landing, what's...
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    6 jaw v. 3 jaw chucks?

    6-jaw used here all the time irregardless of wall thickness etc etc.
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    OT: Computer fan technology......the lost art. Plus workstation computers.

    Interesting. I'd have the table pulled at least 12"+ away from the wall to get some more distance. There's much to much head movement required there for my poor neck to tolerate. Power bill running those 3 monitors and computer can't be trivial either. ---------------------------- I run (2)...
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    OT: Computer fan technology......the lost art. Plus workstation computers.

    In reality total disaster Nobody needs monitors that big (imho), and to see from edge to edge requires you to turn your head +/-90 degrees. A day doing that and your necks going to be sore, My assumption it's just some yahoo playing around and putting 3 large monitors on a table and taking a...
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    Fabrication video, is it a sales gimmick?

    It's pretty simple. No tolerances on the drawing, ask the question "so what are the tolerances req'd" Otherwise how can you quote the part?
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    Fabrication video, is it a sales gimmick?

    The only tight tolerance aerospace work I've seen that required very tight tolerances has been servo valve components. Airframe components I've seen +/-.010 +/-.030 tolerances regularly. Everybody seems to think there some high tolerance mystique involved in 'aerospace machining', there isn't.
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    Hamas strike on Israel.

    Maybe the best paper in the world, partly because it hasn't been interfered with by your Cuntryman Rupert Murdoch.
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    More parts copied by China

    Saudis are loosing their leases in Arizona I think next year after pumping unlimited amounts of water to grow Alfalfa.
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    Hamas strike on Israel.

    Any sympathy i had for isreal is gone now https://www.theguardian.com/world/2023/oct/17/they-believed-it-was-safe-death-toll-rising-airstrike-gaza-hospital
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    Designing and manufacturing a carbon fiber pressure vessel

    As hard as they might try, this thread will live on for eternity. A repository of information, with a small dash of BS. https://www.yahoo.com/news/oceangate-tried-scrub-internet-clean-081203062.html
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    Designing and manufacturing a carbon fiber pressure vessel

    Nobody in the other forum noticed the mistake. Electronic people no surprise