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    OT Ok now that I have quit smoking what do I do with my hands.

    A good friend of mine inherited his dad's house after he passed (his dad was a heavy smoker). After some time, it became apparent that one of the kitchen appliances was on it's way out, so he started looking for a replacement. Problem was, he couldn't find anything in the same color. His...
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    Buck/Boost Transformers. 500VA and 1KVA

    Acme electric buck/boost transformers. Qty 2: T113073. 1KVA. In service for about a year and a half at my last shop. $140 each for these QTY 2 T181058. 500VA. These were in service for one day, before we realized we had an internal machine issue, not an incoming voltage issue. $65 each...
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    Fixing a $100 problem with a $40,000 solution

    I dunno. I don't hate the old Allis. Other than the starter dieing (unobtainium, had to get it rebuilt), it's been fairly reliable, but has required regular fiddling. It leaks every fluid it's got. I'm not real amused with all the oil spots on my brand new concrete. No power steering (not...
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    Fixing a $100 problem with a $40,000 solution

    Man, here I was, thinking my next big purchase is going to be a new(er) forklift to replace the old Allis Chalmers. Guess I better schedule the auction....
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    Langmuir ArcFlat table disappointment - Review

    I've got nothing but good things to say about my Siegmund tables. They weren't cheap, but you get what you pay for. And, they've got nice self centering bolts for joining tables, no epoxy, no needing straight edges to line them up, just bolt them together and go.
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    Thinking about opening a shop!!!

    Read Wheelieking's shop thread. All 286 pages of it. https://www.practicalmachinist.com/forum/threads/b-a-precision.260814/
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    Machine inquiry

    This is a perfect example of a job shop part. Big enough quantity to be able to set up and run efficiently, but WAY too small of a qty to tool up to run in house, unless you already had a fabrication department. Call up the recommendations posted above, I've got one in North Ga, but I'm sure...
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    Fabrication video, is it a sales gimmick?

    Ding ding ding. The setup time. Setup being the biggest bottleneck for production in lots of fabricated parts. And time, being the most expensive aspect of many parts. The fixture table justifies it's existence by saving time which saves/makes $$. Okay, so it doesn't save time on weld out...
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    Fabrication video, is it a sales gimmick?

    The fabrication forum on this site is weird. In the machining forums, "Harry Homeshop" is very much not allowed. Suggestions of kludge methods are shut down very quickly. Small shops that are running all manual machines are encouraged to give modern CNC technology a shot. It's a site of...
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    Fuel tank welds cracking

    I think it you're confusing someone else's post with the OP on the second one... But, to the OP, 5356 is your filler of choice on 5000 series alloys in non high temp environments. 5052 has a lower mg level than 5083/5086 (where 4043 isn't an option) so 4043 is marginally acceptable in some...
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    What size forklift for 28k lb VMC?

    I know your other limitations for a top lift, so this is purely pedantic, but these guys say they have a 90 ton in your town. https://davescrane.ca/
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    Customer changing delivery date on existing PO

    Well, way back when, they agreed to complete the order and ship on 11/8 as originally ordered, but I guess that doesn't mean they intended to follow through with payment. Been trying since then to get paid. Good news is, my terms with them are full payment before the order leaves my dock...
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    Places to list used industrial/commercial equipment?

    Wait a minute, you're moving the goalposts. I first asked whether you were talking about machines, or tooling/accessories, and you suggested the latter. In the case of machines, pay the few bucks to put it on machinetools.com. Set your ad apart from all the other used machine dealers on there...
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    Places to list used industrial/commercial equipment?

    I don't hate Craigslist, I love it actually, but it only works if other buyers and sellers are on there. In my area (Mobile/Pensacola), there's not much posted anymore. Likewise, stuff I post on there gets no attention. I post a boat trailer to Craigslist, and I get no responses in a week...
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    Places to list used industrial/commercial equipment?

    I know you're going to hate to hear this, but if the goal is to get it sold, Facebook Marketplace. I hate it too, but with ebay losing relevance for used items, and Craigslist dying a slow death, FB is what gets your stuff in front of people.
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    Places to list used industrial/commercial equipment?

    What type of stuff? Machines, or tooling and accessories?
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    New weld table day

    The parts don't justify the cost. The time savings justifies the cost. I've got two Siegmund tables bolted together to make a larger one, and they absolutely save setup/fab time more than enough to justify the cost. The table precision is needed for the accessories to function properly...
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    Customer changing delivery date on existing PO

    You apparently hit that nail on the head. Outside sales guy from one of my metal distributors just stopped by, and that company's name came up - his first response was, 'be careful with them.'
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    Customer changing delivery date on existing PO

    This is one of those situations that you occasionally see posted on here where 1 shop is struggling to get 50/hr on a job, then someone 'undercuts' them on it, then later finds that other shop is making $150/hr on the same parts. Different ways to skin a cat. These aren't job shop parts, just...