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    Wanted to buy, delta 14 inch bandsaw trunnion support bracket

    I have a cicra 1995 Delta wood metal band saw, I am looking for a trunnion support bracket, reasonably priced, for a 14" wood/metal band saw. Part number LBS-10 Thank you. Email ant30dio At yahoo dot com
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    Easy flat belt replacement

    Does anyone know what length serpentine belt I need for a Logan wards 64TLC 2164? I plan on pulling the spindle and jack shaft not splicing the belt. Thank you.
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    Rotary Phase Converter Designs and Plans

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    Indexable Tooling

    Ok Thanks,
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    Indexable Tooling

    l know its an old thread, but do you have a link to the carbide inserts that are good, for about $1.00 each?
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    Clausing c-13

    Must be the one up near the airport. i would love to have it, but too rich for my blood right now. he has a nice bridgeport too. Good luck with it if you get it. Have to be happy I have the little plain apron, no quick change gear box Logan.
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    OT: Gerstner refinishing question and tips

    l know this is an old thread, But Don't use Polyurethane as a finish, Use shellac or Lacquer. Polyurethane will crack in about 10 years, and is a bear to strip, and not easy to repair. shellac or Lacquer is easier to repair and looks more period correct.
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    Dake Arbor Press

    The 3 ton Greenerd came home with me today. If I had a brain, I would be dangerous! I forgot my money. was an hour and a half away. I have to mail him a check now. But I dealt with him before, so He trusted me. He is the fellow I brought my 1940's Unisaw off of. Thanks for the replies and help.
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    Dake Arbor Press

    I understand. I feel the distance between the ram and the press plate to be sufficient on the #3 Greenerd, for what I foresee doing. Thanks for the link, am going there now.
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    Dake Arbor Press

    3 ton only. I was hoping it was more. OK FYI I have been googleing these for 3 days. But In you option, If I am allowed to kick it around again, without relying on a google search, is this a good press for pressing bearings in and out, on say motors, and belt sanders, jointer heads and the like?
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    Dake Arbor Press

    I know this is an older thread, but OK, then what is the ton rating of a greenerd #3 arbor press? Thanks,
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    Tell Us About Your Gerstner

    oh you poor dear, you had to pay a bit over $100.00 for that one........................ IIRC that is a 042 like my ($500,00) one. Good score on both counts. The cheaper We can get the stuff, or put a machine back together, to me, the more fun it is..................
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    Tell Us About Your Gerstner

    Jeff, is that 26" wide or 20"? You suck getting it for that price, esp. after I paid $500.00 with shipping for mine shown above, that has to be a once in a lifetime price.
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    Tell Us About Your Gerstner

    Nice, ........................... While I'm here, brought this for christmass, It is an 042
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    Gerstner Tool Box Front Cover

    I don't see a hole in my newest 042, and I can't get it out the way the video shows. I better leave it alone. I wanted to shave a hair off the bottom to fit it better, But it will do as it is.
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    Brass bound Machinist chest?

    OP that box cleaned up looks very nice, You say just steel wool and wax? Maltesehunter I need drawer pulls (well just one right now) like your chest shows, Anyone have a source? Machinist chest has one might work (I don't have the box here yet) but there site is not open yet. (As you may know...
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    Vintage Tool Box Followed Me Home

    I think it is a nice looking box too, I vote home/shop made too. All the factory box's l have seen the front panel was a frame and panel configuration also. As far as a top handle, I like them better with the side handle's only. Don't have to worry about the leather handle wearing out either...
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    Tell Us About Your Gerstner

    Anyone have any inside news on machinist chest . com. Machinist Chest web sits says they are to re open 1st of the year, I have a few e mails in, but have not heard back. Hope they don't raise prices, and the service is as good as was with John.
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    ER40 Collet Chuck Fixtures

    Older post I know, but when is he getting them Back? He is out of them.