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  1. machinistrrt

    "Best" Manual lathe "ever" made?

    Monarch 16x30 model 610 or 612. Kinda like an EE that grew up. Then a Model 60. An EE for the small stuff. I have a Model C at home, not as convenient to operate as the other three, but works like a Monarch should. The Leblond Regal with that toolsteel way insert is interesting but I thought...
  2. machinistrrt

    Dial indicators

    I have a Starrett Last Word I use for rough work, if it gets sticky, the pivot where the contact clips on gets cleaned with alcohol or lacquer thinner, lubed with a drop of M1. Then it works. For everything else, I get out one of the Interrapids.
  3. machinistrrt

    Gage Question

    If memory serves, there should be a taper gage that goes with the ring. The ring gage step the end of part is level to should correspond to the one on the taper gage before threading. Here, usually referred to as ANPT.
  4. machinistrrt

    Stacking vise parallels

    I did this more than a few times. The thing to watch is not to clamp so hard you distort the part. Sometimes, smaller cuts and less feed are needed. Feel your way along, you'll do well.
  5. machinistrrt

    OT: Better then billet

    After you pull the pin, you're supposed to get rid of it.
  6. machinistrrt

    OT: Better then billet

    Mine, too. Never replaced the battery. Oh, wait, it doesn't have one- it's straight mechanical. Remember what Charles Kettering said: "Parts left out cost nothing, need no maintenance, and seldom, if ever, fail."
  7. machinistrrt

    Basic surface grinder suggestions

    Since not mentioned yet, I like Parker Majestic in this size, the ones I ran were superb. Liked em well enough to buy two. The same place that had the Parkers bought a new Boyar- Schulze. Felt like a toy compared to the Parkers, the old grinder hands wouldn't go near it. Also like the...
  8. machinistrrt

    What’s going on at Boeing

    John Garner said: Maybe it's time to change the company name? Let's see . . . how about Boeing Errcraft Company? Does that mean Taylorcraft went out of business 'cause no one wanted fabric covered aircraft?
  9. machinistrrt

    sine bar setting height

    You guys!! You used the old math, it always gives proper results. Kids today either learned the new math, or if they're younger, the new, new math. The results from those are different, and different from each other, and only correct in an alternative universe.
  10. machinistrrt

    0t--cable lacing

    Try a boating supply house, ex West Marine. Or try Sailrite. Sailors use waxed twine for whipping and many other marlinspike tasks.
  11. machinistrrt

    Subject: Non-automotive assembly. Anybody use mineral oil for assembly of close tolerance parts?

    Another vote for ATF. Else, perhaps, anhydrous lanolin. Sheepdip always kept things in a wet environment able to be taken apart.
  12. machinistrrt

    Pantograph as precise ginder?

    Sounds like a job for a Wickman, but who has one?
  13. machinistrrt

    Problem with Hewlett Packard printer

    So true. Don't forget HP once was the world standard for electronic test equipment. Carly got rid of the division, still doing well. I still have a few LJ3's, they still worked when retired. Even the pre-Carly inkjets worked well. Replaced the LJ with a Brother MFC laser, no troubles, works...
  14. machinistrrt

    What’s going on at Boeing

    I don't think inspection is the problem. Changes in the law governing corps is needed; as long as maximizing profit is the effective law, more of anything is just a bandaid. Let's make the ceo and board of directors criminally liable. It's worked wrt the laws of the sea and the captain of a...
  15. machinistrrt

    Boring a taper?

    Since the crankpin is small and easy to work on, why not make an offset crankpin?
  16. machinistrrt

    What’s going on at Boeing

    Didn't McDonnel-Douglas have a problem with engines falling off? Thought I remembered something about one falling off while sitting on the ground.
  17. machinistrrt

    Lathe dog chatter

    In the past, when I had to make quill type generator driveshafts, about 12" long x 1.2" dia with a 9" long center section turned to about 0.3" with the end section having an external spline and a 1/4-32 thread. I had some of the same difficulties you've experienced. Ultimately, I chucked the...
  18. machinistrrt

    Lathe dog chatter

    Try bacon grease, makes the shop smell like breakfast! Works remarkably well too.
  19. machinistrrt

    Lathe dog chatter

    In the past, I used some rubber bands I filched from the boss' desk. How about surgical tubing like they use on slingshots?
  20. machinistrrt

    Lathe dog chatter

    What Samm said. If you want to use carbide, use positive rake insert geometry, needs less force to drive it.