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    Gear head drill press Swiss made bench top model

    That is a one hell of a nice machine . Over last two years I’ve ended up with 3 gear head drill presses in thr user to try to find which one I liked the most but had been waiting till I was able to replace the gear on on that the previous owner destroyed before I made up my mind but recently...
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    Gear head drill press Swiss made bench top model

    Sorry everyone for not updating the thread . One of the many things I got from deployment and so many times being knocked unconscious by ieds was memory issues and because I don’t use the website to often it slipped my mind on remembering to upload the photos . The drill had sold now and yes it...
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    I came into possession of a large amount of replacement parts for b&s starrett federal

    Anybody have any ideas what I should do with them . I don’t know if theirs companies that would be interested in them but I have zero use for them 80% of it is organized and labeled but some during transit came out of their containers and are lose which I assume means they have no value . Any...
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    New to me Kent sgs 816nr advice on wear

    Hello so I am lucky enough to live in a state with a large amount of machine shop auctions. And I have a tendency to watch the live auctions even if specifically not looking for anything at that moment . Well one auction was happening thr same time as 4 other auctions same exact start and end...
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    Any help on specs and value of Moore Tool Measuring Machine Moore Special Tool Co. Model No. mm 5Z

    Have an opportunity to pick up one of these machine. . I just need to figure out if it’s weight and value to see if it’s worth the hassle and to what degree of hassle it eould Be based on if it’s somethinge my dual axle trailer can safely tow with my f 150 or if I need to hit up a friend...
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    Cutters for sale

    I have these cutters that spear new or lightly used. A couple have some chips which I made sure to capture in photo taking offers on these cutters really just don’t have use for them if you do don’t worry about a low offer I have nothing into to the form cutters almost snd would rather have the...
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    Gear head drill press Swiss made bench top model

    I got this a couple years ago and took it apart to replace the bearings and bagged all components but never got around to putting it back together instead just bought a standup model. I bought some of the bearings for it but didn’t buy all the ball bearings fir it . It’s all there as I took...
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    Anyone know what these chucks would go to

    I’ll update with pictures with what ya asked for when I get to the shop tommorw. Thanks
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    Anyone know what these chucks would go to

    I have somthing like 60 cat 50 arbors thaf I’ve had for prob a year cause they came with a bunch of 5c collets I wanted . Been sitting on the shelf costed in anti rust stuff and are all like new . I’m located in Pacifica ca . And yeah the chucks could be from a od or I’d grinder most do the...
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    Does these extra fastener points mean this is a adjust true style chuck

    Not experienced enough to know what do you guys think they could Be for the extra fasteners Only info I found on it was in last photo
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    Anyone know what these chucks would go to

    These came with these long taper backing plates mounted to them seen in second photo . All chucks were 6” or smaller and came in a lot I bought that had a couple 10” chucks I wanted for my lathe . They’re taking up space and i don’t want to scrap them if Simone can find use for it but have no...
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    Looking for information on what these parts go to . And I’f they have any value

    Hello I was told these go to a od grinder and came in a large lot of grinding wheels I bought at an auction to get the grinding wheels for myself . I’m having a very hard time figuring out what these parts are called exactly and any examples of them on line any info would be greatly appreciated...
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    baileigh gear head drill press opinion and possible insight

    Hello well I a year ago ended up with a Swedish made bench top mount or table mount gear head drill press that needed all bearings replaced so tore it down and immediately got side tracked so it remains bagged and tagged under a pallet rack in my shop and thinking I could possible get a stand up...
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    Drill sharpener ownership, general questions.

    I went through a 3 year long period where I bough every reasonably sized industrial drill grinder to try to figure out which one was the best as far as features and ease of use . I’ve owned all except the rush drill grinder which I believe if had all the tooling would be up their on my list with...
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    What’s the difference between a drill blank and a reamer blank

    So I see that on msc their distinctly separate as well as priced differently. .But in practice is their Really any difference between the steel structure or steel composition as well as the accuracy? Would love to hear from more experienced people on the subject