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    Please help identify this tool from Charmilles

    I believe this is the correct forum to post in, can anyone please help identify this tool and it's purpose? There's nothing identifying on it or the box except for Charmilles. Any help would be appreciated, thank you!
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    Anilam 3000M - In Search of Cables

    I emailed them and they replied that they do not offer such services, they "specialize in machine communications to transfer programs between PC and CNC as well as machine monitoring/data collection." But it was worth a shot, thanks.
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    Anilam 3000M - In Search of Cables

    The pitch on that end appears to be ~.090"
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    Anilam 3000M - In Search of Cables

    I am looking for two cables for an Anilam 3000M. I recently replaced the computer, a faulty 533MHz/128MB board, with an older 233MHz/8MB board. All is working well except I require both the data cable and power cable to interface between the TFT panel and the newly installed computer. The one...