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    Are these Bevel Gears DP or Metric Modules Gears, How Do I Figure This Out?

    Oh stick it. Ash is a bunch of creeps and every single goddamned "cutter" in their effing catalog won't help even a tiny little bit for this problem. EG said If you knew doodly-squat you'd just keep your mouth shut on this particular project. EG: When I wrote post #17, not much had been...
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    Are these Bevel Gears DP or Metric Modules Gears, How Do I Figure This Out?

    THE SOURCE for gear cutters and information is: ASH GEAR and SUPPLY in Southfield Michigan. I am looking at single bevel gear cutters on pages D-6 and D-7 of their catalog no 91 When I needed advice about a cutter for a 16/32 DP 30* PA stub spline cutter , I had a very helpful conversation...
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    Sleeve / coupler / hub - design and help

    "Square key connection"??....That square key in the electric motor shaft will not stand up to any amount of frequent reversing load ; unless it is clamped down very firmly in the keyway by set screws or other means. Keep the pilot bearing !!! ..... or that single row ball bearing next to the...
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    Slightly O/T advice on usefulness of skid steer as yard machine around machine shop

    Skid loader is a lousy fork lift ! We have cranes, loaders, fork lifts, and a ( Swinger) hydraulic articulating loader sized and powered like a typical skid loader. I wouldn't trade it for all the skid loaders in North Dakota ! !
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    Can a lathe be lifted by the spindle and still have any precision left ?

    If you think of the dynamic and shock loads applied to a spindle and bearings by a heavy interrupted cut; lifting the weight of the machine seems trivial
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    Edge breaks on plate parts?

    Dynafile with offset finger slackbelting
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    Weld Specimen

    Imagine some drill guide fixtures entering at about 20* to the surface and a chain drilling adventure of 5" deep holes. petersen
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    OT: Material for slip-on power trowel float blades

    Jason: The 16ga stainless will probably work allright for you. Light guage stainless has some cold worked springiness that should work. It will have a little less fatigue life, but will tolerate welding (if needed) better than spring tempered carbon steel. petersen
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    0t--tubular climbing crane

    I call "Bulls***" on the image that purports to show an eight axle truck crane being hoisted by that climbing jib.
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    Bearing diameter

    Look up " Timken 07000 series" 07097 has 25mm bore 07100 has 1.0000" bore 07099 has .9950" bore There are over 30 part numbers in 07000 series. Any cone in the series will work with any cup in the series. petersen
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    Large size slotted roll (spring) pin

    We have found large spring pins and "spring bushings" from a company named Connex Inc. of Fairview PA. connexusa.com (814) 474-4550 petersen
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    Help identify a very large puller please.

    O T C Twin ram mod.Y999A (100 ton) has a 2-9/16" center hole and ram insert threaded 2-1/2 - 8. If those two bolts in your photo are 3/4" and spaced 5-3/4" c/c that is what will fit.
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    Polishing Stainless Flatbar

    "Tight tolerance sheets" precision ground 63rms flat , square,parallel 8896k4 Not mirror finish, but much closer starting than HR .013cupped. Sorry, I don't do links, reading from paper catalog page (official geezer status)
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    Polishing Stainless Flatbar

    " if anyone has a source" ? Have you heard of a little company called McMaster Carr ? Page 4246
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    Newall DP700 Kits

    16x36 set arrived monday...well packed and in good order. thanks petersen
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    Newall DP700 Kits

    I would have liked the 10x80 set and would like to be runner-up if moonlight does not complete the transaction. Otherwise we would like the 16x36 set (or perhaps both) shipped to 55920 petersen
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    Making a reamer

    We have done that same repair a couple of times. Bored the taper out of the damaged hole. Made a steel bushing : cylindrical O.D.; tapered bore; split down one side. Advised customer to re-tighten the draw-in bolt occasionally. petersen
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    Looking for value information Vintage Helios Stainless Steel Vernier Caliper. It is 0- 42.5"

    An old toolmaker I hired around 40yrs. ago always scoffed at my use of " that (Helios) "VERY NEAR CALIPER"
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    Stainless shaft buildup / remachining setup

    Bernie: Are your weld zones long stretches of shaft or short zones? If short. I think the cold wire tig is the right thing. We regularly do build up and re-machine on slender stainless agitator shafts from 7/8" to 1.50" dia.... short seal zones and bearing journels. We have...
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    Profile honing butted ID? Is it a thing and if so what's the process?

    This sounds like something to be done by tapering the end of a long "superior type" two stone mandrel Tennessee abrasives 800/346-6399