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  1. steve45

    OT optimal cutting speed and feed rate for lawn mower blades?

    You're right on all counts. Guess I've never seen 'low lift' blades. Where can I find some?
  2. steve45

    OT optimal cutting speed and feed rate for lawn mower blades?

    I can relate to the original poster. I have a 2000 model Scag 48" Tiger Cub. It has over the 20 years that I've owned it, it has proven to be a pretty reliable, easy to service piece of equipment. Does a great job of cleaning up leaves. The only thing wrong with it is that it does a horrible...
  3. steve45

    Air Compressor Tank - Leaking Drain

    You may have a place nearby that can test the tank for you. Hydrotesting is required periodically for welding gases, etc. I did test one of my own air tanks years ago. I filled it completely full of water, used a pressure gauge and a grease gun to pressurize it.
  4. steve45

    Ways to get around lack of tooling?

    You can never have too many guns, too much ammunition, or too much tooling!
  5. steve45

    OT Anti-Virus Software---helpful or not?

    Don't use McAfee! Once they have your credit card, they will keep on renewing it and they won't stop. I'm going through that with my cousin's account with them and, despite all their assurances that the account is closed, I don't believe them. They were supposed to close it two years ago and...
  6. steve45

    Lil OT: Air vs Cordless impact gun

    I had trouble getting some lug nuts off my forklift. Borrowed a Matco impact from my nephew and it worked. I ended up buying one like it and later returned it for a refund. Turns out that if you leave it laying on the ground when the temperature is high, something warps in the polymer housing...
  7. steve45

    Lil OT: Air vs Cordless impact gun

    Better be nice to her! Sounds like a keeper!
  8. steve45

    30 to 40 foot long lathe

    Sometimes I see something like that on Craigslist in Odessa, TX. You might check that from time to time, as well as the Houston, TX area. Oilfield equipment is typically long and skinny. Lots of threading of drill pipe and casing, etc.
  9. steve45

    Methods to broach a tapered hub.

    Abom has a video about doing that job on his shaper. Perhaps you could send it to him.
  10. steve45

    OT: Computer fan technology......the lost art. Plus workstation computers.

    Uh-oh... We just bought one for a rent house last week. Got the 5 year extended warranty, for whatever that's worth.
  11. steve45

    Machining your own teeth

    I've been using Carifree toothpaste for 6 or 7 years. I used to have a new cavity at least every year. No new cavities since switching to this stuff. I have had some old fillings replaced.
  12. steve45

    Steel rods corroded into aluminum axle I-beam

    Nitric acid will also react with steel and not hurt the aluminum.
  13. steve45

    OT High Temperature Wire Eyelet Lug for Antique Waffle Iron

    I'm with Moonlight, get rid of it and make it unrepairable. I inherited several electrical items from my parents that didn't have proper grounds. As much as I hated to, I junked them.
  14. steve45

    OT- having a deep freezer exposed to outside temps.

    The cold weather wasn't that bad, I've seen worse. The problem is that the idiots that run our state's power grid have decided that we need to start using wind and solar for power, rather than something that works. We were without power for the better part of three days during which the...
  15. steve45

    OT- having a deep freezer exposed to outside temps.

    I've had a refrigerator/freezer on my back porch for years. Temps have gone from 115 down to the big freeze in 2021 where it didn't get above 20 for 3 days. No problems.
  16. steve45

    Bifocal safety glasses

    I've successfully used Optx stick-on lenses in the past. You wet them and put them on the lenses of your safety glasses. They are not permanent, and you have to remove them every few weeks to clean and re-install them.
  17. steve45

    Need a fast, portable way to destroy socket head cap screws.

    I don't think the Vampire solution is the best, but I think that with the impact driver the socket in the head would warp and you'd have to fight it to remove it from the bit. I think just unscrewing them with a driver is the best way.
  18. steve45

    Need a fast, portable way to destroy socket head cap screws.

    Perhaps you could grip them with Vampliers and just break them off.
  19. steve45

    Compressor automatic drains

    I've got an Asco automatic electric drain, too. I only run the compressor perhaps one day a week, but it's worked flawlessly for 13 years now. It's set to drain for 15 seconds every 45 minutes. I have the exhaust running through my wall to the outside because it's so noisy. Sometimes I'm...
  20. steve45

    Auto body stamping dies

    You can get anything you want at Alice's Restaurant--and at www.yearone.com https://www.yearone.com/Catalog/1967.81.camaro/body/sheetmetal/fenders-.-braces-.-components