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    WTB: Kennametal Kennamatic Toolholder & Insert

    Kennamatic Tool Holder I think I've got an almost new one of these in some tooling I bought some time ago. Are you still looking for one? Thanks.
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    What do you do when your final cut is off by a few thou?

    Improving Surface Finish If using carbide inserts: Your speed is a little slow, and the metal is tearing rather than being cut. Kick the speed up to about 1,00-1,200 RPM. Use an uncoated insert with a keen edge, or a PVD coated insert with a keen edge, such as Kennametal's KC730. With an...
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    Wanted to buy tool holders of various kinds

    Tool Holders I resent the original list I emailed on 4-2-13. Let me know if you do not get it. Thanks.
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    Wanted to buy tool holders of various kinds

    Tool Holders PM sent. I think I have 1 X 1 X 6 holders for each of these.
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    I think I have some like new or new 1 X 1 X 6 RH tool holders for all of the inserts mentioned...

    I think I have some like new or new 1 X 1 X 6 RH tool holders for all of the inserts mentioned, except the ER collet. If so, they are Kennametal holders, and I'd like to get $40 each plus shipping. I will check inventory Monday nite if you are interested. Thanks.
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    Help describing / identifying some Kennametal boring bars?

    A32-DCLNR4: 2.00 IN DIA, CNMG-43X style insert, right hand, -5 degree lead angle. Used for ID boring and facing operations. Looks like it is missing the shim seat and lock pin, which are the older Kennametal style, different from the "industry standard hardware" offered on the M style tool...
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    Blake co ax wanted

    PM sent on a unit needing repair.
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    WTS: Lathe Turning Tool Holders

    Got a few good condition lathe tool holders I have accumulated over the years I would like to sell. Prices shown include shipping by USPO. A = DTFNR-163C Kennametal Slightly used $35.00 B = KTGPR-163C Kennametal Slightly used $35.00 C = DTGNR-164D Kennametal...
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    WTS: Sandvik TNMG-332-MR 435 Carbide Inserts

    WTS (100) Sandvik TNMG-332-MR 435 carbide inserts. $30.00 per package of (10) inserts, plus $5.00 Priority Mail shipping.
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    FS: New Kennametal CNC tool holder MDJNL20CA4C NH5

    Those are tool holders normally used in special design turning tool blocks or boring bars. A slot or step in milled into the special tool block or bar, and the shown tool holders are bolted into place. The screw at the end of the holder and a set screw that should be running thru the holder...
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    wanted up to 1" turret lathe tooling for 10ee

    PM sent with offer on 1X1 square shank tool holders.
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    cutting on a lathe

    1) Make sure the cutting edge of your cutting tool is on the center line of the chuck. If it is above center, the tool may rub the part. If below, more effective negative rake is created. 2) Use a positive rake tool. Positve rake tools "slice" work piece material, negative rake tools "bull...