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  1. TheOldCar

    Any experiences running a "home" shop in Utah?

    THIS is exactly what I was going to suggest.
  2. TheOldCar

    What is the worst and coolest machine tool name ever ?

    "Rong Fu" AKA JET mini mill. Translated means "wrong brand, you fool"! :D
  3. TheOldCar

    Eaton - EMAX -- rotary screw compressor 10HP

    Eaton was known for claiming made in USA, when that was only the tank. They subsequently updated it to "assembled" in USA after catching flak. 10(?) years ago I bought an EMAX piston compressor with great cfm and low RPM ratings. When it showed up, I realized the pump itself was straight from...
  4. TheOldCar

    O.T. Emergency toe amputation.

    Lost a big toe plus the one next to it, and the metatarsal behind the big toe. These were where electricity exited my body. Totally used to it now. I hope the best for you!
  5. TheOldCar

    Thread cutting on a 10EE

    I think 2 seconds sounds right. Makes me want to have someone time it & compare.
  6. TheOldCar

    Thread cutting on a 10EE

    Yes, same on the MG without ELSR. I still haven't ever disengaged the half nuts/used the thread dials for threading. Coupled with the cross feed stop, it is one of the reasons I love the 10EEs. I personally like threading using the standard spindle fwd/rev lever better than ELSR, but I bet...
  7. TheOldCar

    Exhaust Fan Recommendations for Rotary Screw Compressor?

    Ridiculous! And becoming common, I think.
  8. TheOldCar

    Exhaust Fan Recommendations for Rotary Screw Compressor?

    Thank you all for the help! Here at work, the air lines are all copper tubing. One thing that surprised me is the tech said, “If we do install, do you have someone here that knows how to sweat copper tubing?” :eek: They definitely aren’t doing the install. :rolleyes5:
  9. TheOldCar

    Exhaust Fan Recommendations for Rotary Screw Compressor?

    The tech really pushed this heat issue, scaring me into thinking the compressor can only operate on "new" air. And this part of the shop can definitely benefit from the compressor heat! I really appreciate you clearing this up for me. I'll get an exhaust fan to fit and hook up a temp switch...
  10. TheOldCar

    Exhaust Fan Recommendations for Rotary Screw Compressor?

    I only ask because the tech said It needs a 6500 cfm exhaust fan. I’m hoping I heard him wrong!
  11. TheOldCar

    Exhaust Fan Recommendations for Rotary Screw Compressor?

    Anyone have recommendations for an exhaust/ventilation fan for the “compressor room”? This is for my day job, not my machine shop. The compressor is a Kaeser SM10 Aircenter. My limitation is the hole size for an exhaust fan: I could only cut a 12” max hole in the wall. The compressor will...
  12. TheOldCar

    yet another STUPID video from practical machinist youtube page

    Best youtube description I've ever heard! "...restore old axes and make epoxy tables..." :D:D:D Reminds me of the "hipster flyfishing invasion" (not coined by me, but I wish I had).
  13. TheOldCar

    7/8 shank boring bars (nearly) non existent??

    When Toolmex outlet sold 32mm bars for cheeeeep I did that. Center drilled the insert end (enough room) and they turned great. Only had to remove .010” and went well.
  14. TheOldCar

    FS: Go/ no-go gages - metric, SAE, Torx, hex and plain

    Got my order yesterday, thanks for the perfect transaction.