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    Hi, Nice to see another person from Calgary. Michael Martens

    Hi, Nice to see another person from Calgary. Michael Martens
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    Paint that best matches Deckel green or grey?

    So what is the Gray Colour for the Deckel RAL XXXX?
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    Anyone with a Deckel G1L available for parts?

    I have a G1L pantograph in my garage that I am willing to part with. I have to check if is a G1L. I can dig around for a model number if you are intested? Michael
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    where to find Deckel parts (belts)???

    I found that belting manufacture that made round belting http://www.beltingindustries.com/ http://www.beltingindustries.com/page14.htm Cheers Gordon
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    where to find Deckel parts (belts)???

    I have a G1L engraving machine that I am looking at selling. There is a motor on it but it I do not have a belt. I came across a few belt companies there was one, I will have to look around for a name of the place, that was going to supply belting but you had to buy a few belts at once. If you...
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    440V FP1... rewiring to 220V?

    I am thinking of eather having the motor rewound or finding a motor that looks very close to the same thing that I can add a VFD. Steve keep us posted. Michael
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    Head Count 2006

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    Going to Frankfurt Germany

    I am going to be in Frankfurt Germany next week. Is there any thing Deckel that I should see or any person I should visit?
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    My boss is WAY SWEET!!!

    Man-O-Man don't knock the guy when he is up. We here in Alberta Canada can not get enought people to do the work and are have problems getting parts made. I can not even get a quote from a shop for two or three weeks, everyone is so swamped.
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    Hydraulic cylinder design

    The thing about designing a cylinder is not as much the size but the pressure. The trick in building a cylinder is once the ports are in place then hone. If you use pre honed cylinder stock you have to rehone after hone. This way the cylinder will not deform your seal and you will have a...
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    Painting your shop floors?

    I have seen hanger after hanger (including goverment hangers) painted with Air Tech so I put it in my shop the best on the market to date that I have found. http://www.airtechcoatings.com/
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    anyone happen to know about this Ebay FP1

    That is a lot of Neg feed back? For a dealer.
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    looking for advice on TIG welder

    If you are going to have a welder at home you would want a smaller machine. it you want you need a inverter I have a Miller DYNASTY 300 DX it does knife edge aluminum. Go to www.millerwelds.com and chech it out.
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    Has any one installed a newall read out on there FP1? I am interested in installing on mine. http://www.newall.com/
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    OT/ Ordering from Canada. The total cost.??

    I am sorry that you find the prices so high, but we deal with that and worse when buying items from the US all the time. No joke, for Canadians it is cheaper and there are fewer problems when buying items from over seas than next door. One of the shops I work with bought a Deckel CNC from...
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    TIG welder questions

    I have a Miller DYNASTY 300 DX. I was looking for the same thing you were a small machine. If you are looking at a TIG welder it is all in the inverter. The weight of the machine is 100lb not 400lb like the SYNCROWAVE 250 DX. But you get what you pay for. At first I had a problem trying to...
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    Best filler for iron castings?

    I have used http://www.belzona.com for most of my repairs.
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    why is this breaking?

    It is hard from the picture to get a good idea of all the factor that come in to play that would cause it to fracture. If you can take a picture with it working and some measurments I might be able to have a quick look at it. Gordon
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    spiral milling

    heartlnd, What measurement information are you looing for, I have my spiral milling attachment sitting out.