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    Craigslist funny time!

    Planer that this guy's grandpa "pushed to the limits" is now "38000 pounds of scrap iron" https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/3583263821990589/
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    WTB: 14" Clausing Tailstock Ram/Quill

    Looking for a tailstock quill for a 1400/1401 Clausing lathe. Bought a very nice lathe, little to no wear, but I'm missing the quill. Tailstock bore is 1 3/4". Screw is 1/2"-10 acme. Taper is MT3. I'm unsure of the OAL, but quill travel is 5 1/2" and has 1/16" graduations 0-6". Part...
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    Ford Rouge Naval Service School 1941

    This image was posted on today's Ford News. The associated story is that at one point in time, at least during the first half of the 1940s, Ford leased Rouge land and equipment to the Navy, as well as provided their trade school / apprenticeship manpower and resources to prepare new Seamen for...
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    Serpentine belt question...

    You could cut the belt, butt the ends and stitch it. Then, if you aren't sold that it will hold, glue a thin "strap" over the stitching a few inches on either side. A good glue would be loctite 406. I posted this the other day: "I did the exact same. Bought a serpentine belt from the auto...
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    Shifting Tumblers "On the Fly"

    I shift the clutch lever Left/Center/Right while things are in motion. Never wanted to move the tumbler, in/out, for/rev levers unless things are at a stop.
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    Heavy 10 serpentine belt??

    I did the exact same. Bought a serpentine belt from the auto parts store for $15, and picked up 150 yards of 50lbs braided fishing line for ~$11. I found I had better luck without crossing over and lacing it; each set of opposing holes I drilled in the belt get their own loop, maybe passing...
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    Thread Dial Housing Dimensions (10")

    An initial search didn't turn up the results I am looking for, so I was wanted to ask if anyone has the basic dimensions ( maybe a drawing) of the threading dial housing for a 10" SB (SB part: Indicator Frame PT886R1)? Based on info in another thread on PM, I've obtained the indicator dial and...
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    Where would a .675" milling cutter have been used?

    Well...yes... Perhaps I should have asked the question differently: "Where would someone need to cut a 0.675" slot?"
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    Where would a .675" milling cutter have been used?

    I picked up a mixed bag of horizontal mill cutters recently, and found a few that piqued my curiosity. These are marked 3 x .675 x 1, and I'm wondering what application would need a ".675" wide cutter? The only dimension that I know of that is .675 is the OD of 3/8" pipe.
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    FS: Misc tooling, Mics, calipers, 1x2x3 blocks and other stuff..

    I'll take: 2A - "A) Lufkin depth guage Wide base 0-6" kinda rough $10" Thanks
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    SB used heavy 10 questions

    I've read that piece before, but this time just noticed this: What "adjustment" screws are there on a SB? Everything I've ever read is that adjustment is only​ in the shims.
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    VFD recommendations

    I'm using a few of these Teco-Westinghouse VFDs on my smaller machines - no complaints. Teco-Westinghouse, L51-11-H1, 1 HP, Variable Frequency Drive 115 Volt, 1 Phase Input, IP2, at D
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    Anyone ever side mounted an external motor on their underdrive lathe??

    I don't get it. What is the reason you don't simply remove the extant motor and install your 1ph motor, even if but for a short time?
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    Ideas on this 10L drive pulley?

    Just ground the brazed joint down and pulled the band. Filed it clean - looks fine to me. Maybe I'll make a proper motor pulley someday.
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    Ideas on this 10L drive pulley?

    Good idea. I'm using a random 3" pulley and motor I had in my shop - this lathe is a beat up basket case. I ran this lathe for ~30minutes before tearing it down. No apparent problems with the motor / drive pulley belt. I don't think there was enough play in the v-belt to move all the way off...
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    Ideas on this 10L drive pulley?

    Peter and Bill, thanks. At least I have some more confidence that if I remove it, the pulley will be balanced. Actually, I can't really believe, now that I think of it, that someone would take the time and effort to balance the pulley, after a braze job that looks that bad.
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    Ideas on this 10L drive pulley?

    I'm cleaning up a 10L and working on the motor cabinet, currently. Any thoughts as to why the previous owners had brazed this strap around the circumference of the pulley? Before I remove it, I'd need to know if the excessive drilling to balance the pulley was done from the factory on the...
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    Help! Pressing out reversing gear

    I was working on this same part today. Finally got it apart by drilling a 1-3/16" hole in the face of a 2x4, reinforcing the edges with some angle iron, inserting the housing through it and then using a standard gear puller. I had to heat it 2 or 3 time and soaked it with kroil a few times as...
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    How does this happen to a tailstock screw?

    Thanks for the feedback, guys. Below is a picture of the threaded portion of the ram; I've read on the forum that the 10L's have a bronze nut with an acme thread pinned in the ram. Does that go for the early 10L's too? If so, it appears I have an ugly, deformed acme thread that has worn down...