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    Who has Air on their Brother?

    We run through spindle air in one S700, and have the McMaster manifold on the head casting of another running coolant. Both are very straightforward. If you get to a point where you are wanting to add air ping me and I’ll walk you through the M code assignment and I/O connections, they’re...
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    Brother S1000 4th Setup

    Well if you’re programming from COR the further you get from the centerline the more any errors in the true position will be magnified with rotation. So that’s the main reason for staying close to centerline. When I’ve had parts that needed indexing for rotation I just have the program stop...
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    Brother S1000 4th Setup

    Late to the party here, but just thought I’d chime in and echo a few folks. I agree that the double sided vise situation is going to cause a lot of clearance issues. And getting your parts closer to COR will make centerline programming much more accurate as well as mitigating tool clearance...
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    The Best Speedio for Small Garage Prototyping

    I think programming and setup on the M series machines would likely be a bottleneck in a prototype environment. The brother control is very fast and great in many ways, but when it comes to multi axis they lack some of the "creature comforts" that make quick setup easy. Also if you don't need...
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    Need a 1"Ø-ish high feed end for the Speedio

    I've used a 2" YG1 on a stubby lyndex arbor with decent luck on carbon steel in a 10K high torque machine. In stainless those inserts don't hold up and I've used a 3/4" Seco also with good luck. It's loud and you feel it in the floor but the machine doesn't seem to mind at all.
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    Takisawa Parts Catcher Question

    Hi folks, curious if there is anyone out there who owns or runs a Takisawa lathe with a parts catcher that would be willing to send me some photos of the door port of their parts catcher? Cheers
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    Speedio 10k High Torque Experiences

    So I ended up buying a 10k high torque S700 demo unit. Price was right and more work was coming through the door than ever before so it seemed like the time was right. So far very happy. I’m about to run more of the stainless parts I mentioned and would be curious to hear some cutting...
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    Speedio 10k High Torque Experiences

    Nice. What's your high feed mill of choice? I just started using them in the 40 taper machine. Tried out the new YG1 system because the price was right to give it a try. So far my experience is that it's not necessarily cheaper but damn is it cost effective from a material removal per dollar...
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    Speedio 10k High Torque Experiences

    Yeah, pretty much echoing what I've heard and reinforcing what I thought. I feel like I have a good handle on what the taper is capable of at this point after running the 16k dual contact for the last few years. I've done a few silly things with it but kept it chill and generally recognize...
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    Brother Speedio 4th Axis

    Hmmm, photos posted sideways. My apologies, not sure why that happened.
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    Brother Speedio 4th Axis

    Yeah for sure. Here are some photos of the initial setup and also the trunnion. This should give you a pretty good sense of the real estate available. You lose table space to the riser, but that space is basically dead anyhow because you need clearance between the head and rotary. You could...
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    Speedio 10k High Torque Experiences

    Is the drawbar force in the 10K high torque higher than in a 16K BBT spindle?
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    Speedio 10k High Torque Experiences

    Hey folks, I'd be curious to hear from people who have used the 10k high torque models. I have a speedio S700 with a 16k dual contact spindle. I'm very happy with it. I also have an aging Hurco 40 taper machine, that is becoming less reliable. I'm toying with the idea of replacing that with...
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    Brother Speedio 4th Axis

    I have the T200 in my S700. I made a riser that puts the rotary off the table. The face of the rotary ends up about even with the edge of the machine travel. Depending on how big your pallets were on the vises and how much room you needed to work around the parts on them I would think that...
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    1999 Hurco BMC4020HT X servo alarm troubleshooting

    For anyone who stumbles on this in the future. It was a bad drive.
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    1999 Hurco BMC4020HT X servo alarm troubleshooting

    Hey all, mill started going on the fritz this evening. It's a 99 Hurco BMC4020HT, Ultimax 4 control, Yaskawa drives and servos. Been sitting for about a month, fired up fine, went through a warm up, setup, tool offsetting, etc. Started running a part and a minute in it threw an x servo alarm...
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    Looking at buying an LNC-8

    Hey folks, thinking about going to look at a '92 LNC-8. Before I do I thought I'd check here and see if folks can point me to any known issues I should check for. Also, what's it like getting parts for these? I just called the local dealer (Gosiger) and they said it is still supported, but...
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    Speedio needs a new spindle bearing - any tips?

    I had a solid bump a few months ago. Thrashed the coupler and the machine got a lot louder. I replaced the coupler hoping imbalance was the issue. It wasn’t. It still cuts very well so I bought some good hearing protection and plan to run it till performance suffers.
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    What and when was your first part and what was the machine?

    Grew up woodworking and making jewelry, worked as a goldsmith from age 18-25, but that's kinda machining adjacent, don't consider the jewelry machined parts. At 24 (2009)I was given an old Atlas/craftsman 6" lathe that was missing the compound rest and toolpost. I took it over to a family...
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    New clear Blaser Synergy 735 coolant?

    I started running the 735 in my new machine when I bought it in November. It runs a grease system so not having way oil contamination issues it seemed like an easy time to try it and didn’t require a full machine cleanout. Have not seen any issues with paint, not experiencing the globing issues...