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    CNC Mill for Occasional Use in Fabrication Shop

    We're trying to gain speed and reduce the amount of time our machinist needs to babysit the machine to swap tools. I had a big long post written up, but that's the core of it. We have jobs come up that turn machining into a bottleneck for us. They seem to happen once or twice a year. We want to...
  2. J

    CNC Mill for Occasional Use in Fabrication Shop

    Noted, however space is at a premium even for us, so I'm not sure we can accommodate the extra 2-3 feet of width. Fadal looks interesting, I'll do some research there as well. Seem pretty beefy for the price point.
  3. J

    CNC Mill for Occasional Use in Fabrication Shop

    Thanks for the additional questions. We do longer stuff like handrails on the Trak (we're in arch fab) and the speed is fine for that work. This mill would be for parts in the 4-20 square inch range. 2D profiles in brass, drilling and tapping small small parts (1-2in diameter x 1-2in long) for...
  4. J

    CNC Mill for Occasional Use in Fabrication Shop

    I'm working with a fabrication shop that occasionally has need for better CNC capabilities than our Trak bed mill, but we're not quite sure where to start with machine selection. In some instances it makes sense to outsource, but typically we need more control over timeline and part flow than...
  5. J

    Employees are burning me out

    Radar and MwTech, I appreciate your points, and employees can certainly be a headache, but that wasn't quite what my comment was about. I was referring to the earlier comment about shocking employees with mass layoffs, and another implying people need to feel greater economic pressure so they'll...
  6. J

    Employees are burning me out

    Some of you guys act like your employees aren't people too, with their own goals and motivations (or lack of them, and that's fine too!). If they do what you ask them to do, and aren't overly grumpy about it, I'm not sure that you can expect them to be just as enthused about the work or being...
  7. J

    Contract Time---UAW to present demands to "Detroit Three" automakers (8 1 2023)

    I think the comment was in regards to purchasing power. Yes, the number has gone up. Not as fast as food and rent. I hope they come to a mutually beneficial conclusion to the negotiations. That's the point. Management and shareholders can still get along just fine with a smaller portion of the...
  8. J

    Contract Time---UAW to present demands to "Detroit Three" automakers (8 1 2023)

    Shoo away you with your nuance and understanding of tax brackets! When I see people tearing down others who make a bit more money than them, I really wonder if they realize just how much money is in the world. Someone else making 10-20-100k more than you isn't the issue.
  9. J

    What is our responsibility to the next generation of manufacturing?

    Sometimes I like to wade into the mud here. I think I'm probably on the younger side compared to most of PM. I've gained quite a bit of knowledge through having the opportunity to dig through what everyone has shared here, and I'm thankful for that. Any talk of "generations" tends to act like...
  10. J

    Small International Sales Advice Request

    I think Zelle is only if you have a US bank account. If she can set that up she's fine. I think there is a transaction limit per month but that won't be an issue for most customers. I can't speak much to payment processing stuff, but I will add that making an English language social media...
  11. J

    Helping young Engineers, only to have them send work to China

    Well, you're a saint, so thanks for educating some people who weren't grateful. 10 years from now they will hopefully realize that was a terrible dick move on their part. I've moved work to China. I've moved work from China to domestic. I always try to reward people who help me make better...
  12. J

    thoughts and facts about the Hossfeld bender

    Interesting notes. I feel the shipping is reasonable, but I ship a lot of bigger fancy things and shipping bills under 3 digits all seem fine. I might feel different if I was ordering a single $20 pin, but I usually group my purchases if I can. Very few things you can order from Hossfeld that...
  13. J

    Problems brazing steel: joint keeps breaking

    You can definitely braze (silver solder, like what's being discussed) with propane, just clarifying that before anyone reads much into what Scssmith said above. You can fillet braze (bronze braze) with it happily as well, but need an oxyfuel setup. Sure acetylene is hotter, but propane is...
  14. J

    Options for making repeatable, precise bends in flat bar?

    Adding a vote for the Hossfeld. I'd get theirs. The American is fine to my knowledge, but the Hossfeld name will help you resell it down the line if you don't like how it's working for you. I don't have as much experience as Ries but I make mine do all sorts of weird stuff and it's incredibly...
  15. J

    Question: how well known are Scandinavian welding brands known in the rest of the world?

    Some experience with Kemppi Tig. I've seen them around, they seem to have some cachet in the high end East Coast fab world (so you can brag about how your welder is special and imported? Mine's imported too... From a good bit further East...) That said, this was a 20+ year old machine and...
  16. J

    finding an IP address.

    I mean, just have them pay first and don't take paypal, send the item with tracking and confirmation receipt. This sleuthing is pointless, maybe the book is worth a lot to them. You didn't give much context. Are they offering you $200 and you think that's nuts for an out of print specific book...
  17. J

    Avoid buckling of plate when welding circular frame?

    I just do a couple at a time, and a crisp edge is part of the design.
  18. J

    Avoid buckling of plate when welding circular frame?

    Moved on to hot and fast as suggested. 120-130 amps, quick to puddle and scooting along as soon as I get my bearings. Much better results - still not flat, but flat enough. A bit under 1/8in instead of a bit over. Did smaller stitches as well to start. Worked on the existing ones a bit with...
  19. J

    Avoid buckling of plate when welding circular frame?

    I appreciate all the continued advice. It's a standalone design object piece, seen from all sides. There's an insert that goes in the frame, so some distortion is acceptable. Last time I made one was with the same processes, but I had access to an Acorn table. I don't think I realized how much...
  20. J

    Avoid buckling of plate when welding circular frame?

    I'll give that a shot, thanks. Self taught on TIG, so sometimes I don't know what I don't know.