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    Incoming Material Marking Requirements

    I'm trying to settle an argument within my company. For companies that have a QMS with ISO and AS9100 certifications. When material is received under the QMS, what marking requirements do you require of the material vendor? Examples: Marking every piece of material with label Marking the...
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    DN Solutions SVM 4100

    I'd be curious to see how it handles titanium and deep cuts in Aluminum.
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    Fusion ITAR question/conundrum

    I agree with Autodesk/Fusion360 not being ITAR. They told me themselves. What i do is use HSMWorks which is an entitlement with Fusion. That keeps us in compliance with ITAR. Sent from my Pixel 3a XL using Tapatalk
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    Magnetic 304 stainless

    Why not use a 416 grade? Its magnetic.
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    Best method of cutter comp from a CAM package

    I have a question as to which is the best method to control cutter comp from a cam system. I know when the controller controls cutter comp you can adjust the diameter to nail the feature size, and also compensate for tool wear. If you program in the cam package and it does the comp by shifting...
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    fixing a bbq grill

    Or better yet, get some 1/8" wall Inconel tube and make them. They will last for +100 years and only cost about a $400 :-P
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    That new Lathe Smell

    Das purdy!! I need one for my garage.
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    Haas Side Mount Tool Changer Operation

    You are right, I looked through the manual and missed that small paragraph that said it. Looked again and found it.
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    Haas Side Mount Tool Changer Operation

    This might seem like a ignorant question because it is. The bulk of my experience are with the umbrella type ATCs where the tool pocket typically is the tool number. On a SMTC it will take T1 out of pocket 1 and place it in the spindle. Then you call T12 in pocket 12 and perform a tool change...
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    Unusual Photo of Bridgeport for Sale

    Go home Bridgeport, You're Drunk!!!
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    Drilling carbon fiber

    I would also suggest either a backing or sandwich the carbon fiber between two boards to prevent delamination and it generally gives a cleaner hole.
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    The Best Cutting Tool Manufacturer.

    Right you are. I guess its my burden working for small job shopping and cheap asses.
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    The Best Cutting Tool Manufacturer.

    I do admit it was a bit vague. I guess Im trying to get a feel for who is good out there for what. I have mostly used import tooling from MSC and really do not have a working knowledge of the higher end tooling makers such as seco, ingersol, iscar, and sandvik. As we all know word of mouth and...
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    The Best Cutting Tool Manufacturer.

    I have also heard good things about Sandvik and Iscar. I'm just trying to evaluate whom offers the broadest range, best price and best customer service.
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    The Best Cutting Tool Manufacturer.

    I was curious to get a consensus of the forum on whom makes the best cutting tools from your own experience? Such as the best insert manufacturer or best carbide end mill. I'm also curious as to why you think they are the best on things such as price, tool longevity, and customer support. Thanks.
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    "Gunsmithing" lathes

    One thing that I would like to add from experience. Some of Grizzly's replacement parts are on long lead times. We have two G4003 lathes here at work and in November of 2012 the gib strip on the cross slide broke. The smaller end snapped off about an 1.5" from the end. I ordered a new one and it...
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    How to "locate" from a pin?

    That series of videos is well done. Tublacain is a retired shop teacher and he also gives some good tips.
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    Manual and info request

    Heh. This is what I get for posting from a phone. I meant Makino PS95. :D
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    Manual and info request

    I'm doing a little independent research on the Making PS95 and was curious if anyone had the operators and or programming manual for this machine in a PDF? Thanks.
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    How to "locate" from a pin?

    If I am understanding you correctly, you want to locate a 0,0 datum on one of the pins? I would use a dial test indicator to center the pin under the spindle then move X,Y as required for the process. Here is a video that shows indicating a hole. The process is the same for a pin. Indicating a...