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    Monarch series 60 headstock oil leak into gearbox?

    There is rope packing and an adjusting collar behind each of the gear selector arms. Might try tightening those up some.
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    Monarch Lathe Model 60

    The lady at monarch said my 1954 machine was a "model 60 with 61 features", which just means it has the enclosed gearbox. That machine has something different above where the taper setup is on most. Hard to tell from the picture.
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    Monarch 60

    Great find! A twin to my old girl. Mine came from the factory with a 15 horse motor which I believe was as big as Monarch installed in that size machine.
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    Monarch 12,14,16, 18 Leaking Shifter Handles

    I called Monarch and talked to one of their guys when I did mine. I can't remember what he said but I have some leftovers in the shop somewhere. I want to say it was 3/8 but I'd have to look.
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    Tracing old ebay listings

    Good morning, Gentlemen. I came across a link to an old ebay link on a website where the seller was listing some items that originally belonged to my lathe. I'm not great with computers but I searched as effectively as I can and cannot find a way to trace this link back to an ebay seller ID...
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    Parting out Series 60/61 16 by 54 lathe

    Just an FYI, Mike sent me some odds and ends that I wanted as spares for my lathe. Packaged with care, shipped right away, and super reasonable. Don't hesitate to buy from this gentleman. Jared
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    Getting a Monarch Series 61 Back in Service

    Thanks for the compliment. The paperwork came from Monarch and was basically a copy of the original order sheet. Monarch will have the same info for your machine. I bought the hundred dollar facsimile of the original owners manual from them and they included copies of the original order when...
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    Getting a Monarch Series 61 Back in Service

    I'm a novice. What I know is just what I was told from the lady at monarch when I asked her that specific question and the paperwork they later sent me. There was no mention of Jarno anywhere. I've also never heard that word before so I am far from an expert.
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    Getting a Monarch Series 61 Back in Service

    My machine is a twin to yours. It's MT5 on the headstock and MT4 on the tailstock. The leadscrew reverse function is what delineated a "toolroom" lathe.
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    Is this a Monarch steady rest?

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    Getting a Monarch Series 61 Back in Service

    Beautiful machine. Nice score on the rests!!! Let me know if you need some advice on taking things apart. I took mine apart as well and have plenty of pictures. Jared
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    head stock bearings monarch 60

    Did you try tightening up the nuts on the back to take the backlash out of it? If you put a decent sized bar in the chuck you can pull on it with an indicator on the chuck and see how much it wiggles. It's hard for me to imagine those huge bearings being the root cause of poor finish.
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    need help evaluating this lathe please! mid 50s 10ee

    I would buy it without question.
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    Monarch Follow Rest

    I am in the market for a steady for my catalog 16 inch series 60/61. -Jared
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    Playing with RPC idler / motor wiring / amps questions

    Thank you all for the replies. It turns out that I am more of an idiot as time passes. I rebuilt the motor for this lathe. I know the thing was most likely 480 from where it came from. Somehow I put that motor back together and stuffed it back into it's "inaccessible to wiring home" without...
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    Playing with RPC idler / motor wiring / amps questions

    Thank you for the reply and all of that makes sense. What I can't understand is why the drive doesn't ramp up this way when starting the 15 horse on the lathe. The two motors were manufactured some 50 years apart, but I'm not sure what that would have to do with anything. I also can't figure...
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    Playing with RPC idler / motor wiring / amps questions

    I have an old Monarch with a 15 horse motor. To this point I've been running it with an old 10 horse VFD that was given to me. This VFD is designed specifically for converting single phase to three phase. It starts my lathe motor just fine and will run most of the gears in the lathe except...
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    Series 61 oil drain problem

    I just re-read what I posted and it didn't really come across how I meant it too. Adding access to that drain plug is a fine idea. It's just that doing so properly would be quite a time investment. Using a syringe as you did and others suggested is just as effective and a whole lot easier. I...
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    Series 61 oil drain problem

    Adding access to that unusable plug via cutting a hole in the base casting is definitely not advisable just in case anyone else contemplates that. The base casting has a reservoir cast on top of the electrical components area that catches drips and such from the gearboxes and directs it out...