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    FS - Starrett Depth Mic Set (modified)

    If this is still available, I'll take it.
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    FS: Gaging and measuring equipment

    I would like - 5.Scheer Tumico 1” micrometer with case Excellent like new condition. – $25 6.Scheer Tumico 2” micrometer Excellent like new condition. – $20 if still available
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    FS: HSS/ cobalt endmills, small to large, angle and radius

    I would like to take bag No 2 of the small ones and No 1 of the larger ones if they are still available
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    Lot of mostly NOS C2 USA Brazed Carbide

    Are these sold? If not I'm interested.
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    FS: Bore gages, micrometers, and a few hand tools. More than 350 pictures of things you might want.

    If still available, I'm interested in the following items- Picture 2 - F) Mitutoyo 103-135 $25 Picture 3 - F) Indi-cal Bore Gauge $5 Picture 5 - G) .050, .060, .062, .070, .080, .090, .100-.110, .120, .130, .140, .150, .170, .180, .190, .300, .400, .700, .800, .900 $30
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    Serial Numbers Wanted

    I have a South Bend 10" lathe in regular use in St. Lucia. Here are the details - Model # CL8187RSS Serial # 3756RKL11 Date of manufacture - Dec 1951 War dept. P.O. # 88C-26831-11 War Dept. Cont. # DA-11-148-ENG-9228
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    "Repair" a damaged mill table with a pallet???

    If you will be using a vise, get a swivel base vise and use the tee nuts in the two outer tee slots, which look to be OK. Clean up the table and you will only see the unsightly damage when the vise is removed.
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    DB200 misallignment of headstock? how to correct

    From the pictures in the link, it looks like the headstock can be set at an angle to allow for taper turning. Make sure that the headstock is properly aligned by turning a test bar held only in the headstock (don't use tailstock support)and measuring both ends. If you are turning a taper, then...