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    Rockwell Delta Bandsaw 28-365 Gearbox Lubrication

    I am in the process of fixing the hi-speed (direct drive) function in the gearbox (turns out screws and pins connecting the female clutch dog part to the input gear were sheared off). Before opening the box I removed the drain plug from the bottom but no oil came out. After disassembly I noted...
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    Cleaning up My Newest Purchase--Talkisawa TSL1000 Lathe

    You've probably already made the wedge, but if not I can give you dimensions. My question to you is about removing the carriage from the apron while leaving the apron on the machine (on the lead screws). Looks like I have to raise the carriage up to release the tapered pin on the right side , so...
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    Takisawa TSL 800 cross slide feed

    On mine there is a knob on the headstock for switching direction.
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    Rockwell Delta 28-365 Variable Speed bandsaw

    thanks for the reply. i'm not going to scrap it. might try to attach parts to the end of the shaft and adjacent input pulley so i can connect them together there when i want to cut wood.
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    Rockwell Delta 28-365 Variable Speed bandsaw

    I got one of these on trade and found that the hi-speed doesn't work (the low speed works but when shifted into hi-speed the input pulley doesn't drive the output pulley -it just sits there, spinning free). I gather that in hi it is supposed to be direct drive. Probably the sliding spline collar...
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    Climb vs conventional slot grind in brick

    The brick is hard fired clay. More detail than that I do not have. It is used on building facade.
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    Climb vs conventional slot grind in brick

    Not sure if this is the best forum for this question but I'll try as I'm not sure where else to post. I am designing a process and production machine to cut 1/8" wide x 5/32" deep x 8" (full length) grooves in vitrified ceramic building brick using 12" dia diamond wheels. Cut would be done is a...