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    American pacemaker for sale in Texas

    That lathe is looking a little better than mine did at purchase, for $450 and $125 to airlift it onto my trailer and drive an hour and half home. It doesn't look particularly desirable, no rare parts, not toolroom, only thing it would have that i would want is the 54" bed. (Mine's a 30) So...
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    NAMCO Forklift

    You're swapping just the mast then? I think they are quite rare. I have a full free lift mast off a very similar sized Yale i'm planning on swapping into my Namco. Mine does about 9 ft right now and i'm wasting a lot of pallet rack
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    Bridgeport Series 1 question

    Like anything, look for clues. On a 53K vs 253K vehicle, you look at the brake pedal. Is it worn down? On a BP, look at the oiling, look at the ways for scraping marks, etc. If you find chips under way guards, you might not have a garage queen...
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    Bridgeport Series 1 question

    The bridgeport series 1 at work, we bought new 20 years ago, it's got about 15,000 hours on it. It still runs like new. At 6000, you're going to be in great shape, as long as somebody took care of it. Keep it clean, keep it oiled.
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    QC30 spindle swap

    Sorry i meant the normal series 1 variable speed J head. I live in machine tool mecca. There's holders everywhere cheap. I am looking for the z repeatability and not using a drawbar. We've got 2 Kurt power drawbars at work and they're nothing but trouble.
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    QC30 spindle swap

    Does anyone have a line on a QC30 spindle for a 1J head? Or a whole head? I'd like to swap to QC tooling, for z repeatability and how short i am. I'm aware the holders are harder to find. I don't have that much R8 stuff anyway.
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    Clark C300-40 Mast Cylinder Help, etc

    It'll be easier to just pull the mast number off yours. That's what i did for my Clark rebuild kit. Side of the mast, about 3/4" high numbers.
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    Ride on vs stand up forklift

    I had the same issue and ended up with 2 forklifts, a rough terrain outdoor and a stand up for indoors. Pretty hard to find one that will do everything.
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    ACU-RITE Millpwr drip feed possible?

    Does anyone know if Acurite controllers will drip feed? Can't find anything in the manual on it. We have a G2 and one of the old ones.
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    What small bridge/gantry cranes do people have?

    I have a 14' ceiling in my shop. I wanted a bridge crane for a LONG time. I finally figured out it was a LOT cheaper to just get a forklift for in the shop. WAY less money and just about as good versatility. Unless you're moving a lot of heavy stuff regularly i think it's overkill.
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    Pickup hitch mounted hoists/engine lifts

    I built one similar to Abom's before he did. I used a Horror Freight truck bed swivel crane on a fabricated stand cantilevered off the receiver. I used a trailer jack on the end with the crane to stabilize to ground level, and a tie bar from the crane body to the bed tailgate pin. I use it to...
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    Advice on disassembling 1945 16x54 American Pacemaker Tail Stock

    I need to make one of those crank assemblies also. I think a lot of pacemakers are missing them.
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    1945 American Pacemaker 16x54 toolroom model lathe disassembly project

    OH MY! That is a beauty of a Pacemaker. Wish mine looked that nice.
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    Should I get a forklift or a tractor with forks? Gravel driveway use.

    Ok, i guess you could put one of the hang on sideshifts on your mast. Most of the 3pt forklift attachments i've seen, you want to be setting the mast down when you lift also. a cat 1 3pt would be pretty shaky. As far as your other question, telehandler is not even in the same class as a...
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    Should I get a forklift or a tractor with forks? Gravel driveway use.

    I don't agree with your statement, fwiw, i have several forklifts and many hours on quite a few different machines. The tractor based rough terrain ones are just fine with typical farm loads. The thing you won't get with a 3pt add on is sideshift. i have that. I am not a big fan of scabbed...
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    Grob Bandsaw: two blade slots in table

    Ok, i pulled tension off the blade, the upper wheel is nicely crowned to the center, the bottom wheel is a mess, wavy if you will. The bottom wheel has about 1/8" play at the rim, checking like a wheel bearing on a car. I'm thinking it needs a lower tire and bearings.
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    Grob Bandsaw: two blade slots in table

    What tracking adjustment? i don't see anything on it. Edit: Never noticed that teeny little thumbscrew before. Ok, i have the top wheel tracking nicely on the crown, the blade is running in the guides, the lower wheel, it tracks out on the edge still. I probably need a lower tire at least...
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    Grob Bandsaw: two blade slots in table

    Ok. My only use for this is steel. I just got it working on the vfd. Very smooth, but the blade tracks out on the edge of the wheels. I suspect the tires are shot. Anyone got a feel on how hard a tire change is? I know grob carries them for about 80 dollars. I had to weld up and machine...
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    Pictures too big?

    It's a total PITA now. This is the only forum i'm on where i can't just upload a pic from my phone. Nope, i have to take the photo, go to the house, fire up the work computer, upload the photo, load gimp, dink around with the image, resave photo, go to the forum post, upload, then save. If...
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    Should I get a forklift or a tractor with forks? Gravel driveway use.

    Do you live in a swamp? I have never been stuck with mine. Since they usually come with ag tires, unless you are REALLY in the mud, you're not getting stuck. You aren't pushing anything, you're just moving the machine and load weight. And when you're loaded, you're adding traction.