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    source for 1-3/8" deep Schaller style bins

    I bought a bott cabinet with 1.5" deep drawers. It came with a few red plastic drawer organizers that are 1-3/8" deep and work good but there is no maker's mark on them. I suppose they could have been printed. I have done some searching and haven't been able to find 1-3/8" deep bins. Does...
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    Changing voltage of older 3 phase machine

    I have an old used Sharp VH3 that I am trying to get going. After looking closely at the control transformer, I believe that it was wired for 440v. I will be running it on 220 off a rotary phase converter. I have made sure that the two line phases pass through to the leads that go to the control...
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    Wilton VSG20 drill press disassembly

    I need to remove the shaft that carries the driven variable sheave. I’ve removed the roll pin, top half of sheave, and belt. I tried lifting out the large spur gear, it slid up but there wasn’t enough room to remove it. I removed the speed adjust crank and the set screw behind it that screws...
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    Cat tool holders in NMTB machine

    I have a milling machine with NMTB 40 and air powered drawbar but no tool holders yet. I would really like to use cat 40 holders since they seem to be plentiful and cheap. If I make a longer drawbar, I assume that only the cat 40 would work (which is fine) but are the threads in cat 40 durable...
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    Magnetic Base Drills

    We use Hougen 904 drills for drilling thousands of bolt holes. They are pretty dumb and simple, but very reliable and durable. 1.5" might be a struggle in really difficult to drill material, but should be fine as long as you aren't doing it constantly. Only 2" of stroke though. Can be had for...
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    Maximum RPM for Jacob's Chuck

    I am using a (new, not old school) 14N Jacob's Super Chuck on a bridgeport. I feel comfortable with it at the 2000ish rpm that I've been using it, but I'm getting some push back from the nervous nelly looky loos. I figured I would go straight to the Jacob's literature and find the max rpm and...
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    OT: Source or the plastic containers annular cutters come in

    I would like to buy just the twist-apart plastic containers that some annular cutters come in. I want the type that has "threads" that you have to rotate apart, not just slide apart. I have had zero luck finding them online or by looking through Uline's offerings. I tried Ebay figuring somebody...
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    OT: Photogrammetry for simple dimensions

    I'm not a 3d computer guy, so I'm looking for a simple and inexpensive solution if one exists, but willing to invest time in something that works well. We do some work structural work that doesn't require regular machining tolerances, 1/16" accuracy within an object that fits in a 10 ft cube...
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    Power tapping 1" hole 6" deep upside down in the field

    I would have never though about an impact wrench. That is pretty brilliant. We already have 3/4 and 1" drive electric impacts that will probably do the job it will be easy to back up and break chips. I'll set this up and try it out, thanks for the ideas guys.
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    Power tapping 1" hole 6" deep upside down in the field

    I'm working on figuring out tooling and setup for this job. The steel is hot rolled grade 36 or 50 structural steel. The setup is actually multiple plates stacked up. We will be drilling a 1-1/16 clearance hole 4" deep, then a tap hole probably 7/8" diameter the last 2". Obviously we need to...
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    1 phase to 3 phase for new drill press

    This should be a photo of a similar unit I got off the net. It is just the standard switches that were original on the machine. I'm not sure I know the difference between a magnetic starter setup and maintained push buttons. I assume the big square style buttons that you push and hold to start...
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    1 phase to 3 phase for new drill press

    I don't want to loose the power. One of the main reasons for getting a heavy drill press is the ability to cut large holes with confidence.
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    1 phase to 3 phase for new drill press

    I am working on getting a legit drill press for my dad's farm shop. This will be the first piece of real metal working machinery for him. The shop has single phase power with 200A service. I have my eye on a Wilton 20 VSG with a 3 phase motor in good shape. Below are the options I am considering...