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    Chip compactor

    We run a pucker for all of our aluminum chips(about 100,000lbs per month). The price difference between loose chips and pucks is amazing. We get about $.50 per pound pucked. The pucker is a PITA as it produces a lot of heat and is prone to wear compression chamber parts and the puck "knocker"...
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    Need help finding a decent freight broker

    We've had good luck with C.H. Robinson
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    Machining a female Cam on a shaft

    http://www.motiontech.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/Flennor-Norco-Ball-Reverser-Actuator-230712.pdf Ball reverser
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    Constant surface feed for milling

    There are lots of optimization programs out there that adjust federate based on chip load, tool engagement angles, etc.. We use both Optipath and ThirdWave. The programs actually insert changing federate lines into the original program (doesn't change path, just feed rate and your program can...
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    Tool Life Vs. Cycle Time (Break-Even Analysis)

    Thanks Dan, coolant is checked and maintained daily for concentration. Most of the machines are on a central coolant system (typically 4 machines per coolant pit, 40 machines total). We change coolant (change out and recycle) about every 30 days. Machines in the center of the building have...
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    Tool Life Vs. Cycle Time (Break-Even Analysis)

    We have found that in the colder months of the year we have more broken endmills (about 2X normal). Climate controlled building, let incoming stock sit to acclimate for 2-3 days before send to the line for machining. Endmills typically sit for about a week before checked out to machine. We've...
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    Tool Life Vs. Cycle Time (Break-Even Analysis)

    7075 is the alloy...we also do a lot of 6061. Maybe we should swap stories. We run about 70% coated tools.
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    Tool Life Vs. Cycle Time (Break-Even Analysis)

    We average 20-25 hours for carbide endmills in aluminum. Adding Surftech 6212 hard carbon coating we see 35-60 hours on solid carbide endmills. PCD facemills (Lach Diamond) are measured in years. I think we're at 4 years for the longest one so far.
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    Tool Life Vs. Cycle Time (Break-Even Analysis)

    From the Sandvik Technical guide.. 20% increase in cutting speed reduces tool life by 50%. Increasing cutting speed by 50% reduces tool life by 80%. Speeding things up and not selling the time you "created" is actually a loss. What is said here is if we speed it up and don't sell the time...
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    Tool Life Vs. Cycle Time (Break-Even Analysis)

    Opinions are going to vary greatly so here are our numbers. Stainless runs us about $20/machine earned hour in tooling cost. (2 horizontal machines running only stainless parts) Aluminum tooling cost us right around $1.50/machine earned hour. (38 horizontals running just aluminum) I...
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    What does .0001" look like

    Don't know... it worked for us. Guess you had to be there.
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    What does .0001" look like

    The purpose of the stack of pennies was as a visual aid at our plantwide meeting. 47ft was taller than our roof so I laid it down on tables. I also had 10 pennies representing .001" and 100 pennies representing (+-.005). Machinist live it, the rest of us...don't have a clue what .0001" looks...
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    What does .0001" look like

    HAHAHAHHAAHAHA...that is the best one I've heard! I'll snip it out and send it to engineering...you just made my day!
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    What does .0001" look like

    Seems like a simple enough question, yet the visualization of what 1 ten thousandth of an inch might look like is difficult to grasp. We recently had some discussions here and we talk about it all the time…we make it sound like it’s close to a mile long. What I mean is out by .0001" is...
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    This video is unlisted.

    I believe there are several CAMs out there calling it bi-directional roughing. I think we found a 10% reduction was enough to keep from recutting chips.
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    Machine tool rigidity tests

    If you want to invest some money, there is a tool holder made by ProMicron call the SPIKE. It can measure tool deflection in the spindle, amount of torque applied to the tool and temperature. Cost about $30-$40K though.
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    Lang Vise Pricing

    Our experience is in the images.
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    Lang Vise Pricing

    Makro-Grip 77, 5-Axis Vise, with a mounting plate and Grip Fix Stamping Unit 245mm, were just over $6,000 after IMTS 2012.
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    Getting rid of new employee that isn't working out...

    If his performance is as bad as you say it is, most likely this will not be the first time he's been "let go." At this point you know of no disabilities and there are no obvious physical or mental disabilities, don't ask for any information. Honesty is the best policy. If you lie about the...
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    What rougher for 6061 and 7075, 16k BT30 spindle?

    Guys, we tested all endmills, whatever the company would send us, for the last 5 years. Same program, same fixtures, we varied holders to test them as well, always using the provided speeds, feeds, DOC and WOC. After using their perameters, we would then test using our best WOC, DOC, speeds...