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    Whats your Favorite Machine Brand?

    This one Oh, Machine brand? I read band... oops
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    cheap 40w laser, does anyone have one?

    We were wrong nothing super deadly about it. PVC is what you do not want to cut due to Chlorine. The smoke looks about the color of these edges I doubt you would want to breathe it in.
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    cheap 40w laser, does anyone have one?

    I would stick with milling for polycarb. The 60W machines seem to have better, less buggy controls, at least in my experience. Full Spectrum's old stuff were just badged Chinese machines. They had a kickstarter a while back to develop their own machine, idk what came of it. You do get much...
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    cheap 40w laser, does anyone have one?

    Polycarbonate does not cut very well with cheap co2 lasers, it mostly just caramelizes and oozes. Plus there is the issue of the noxious fumes mentioned. Woods, Acrylic, Acetyl, Some etching are pretty much the extent of their capabilities. I have a 60W unit. Wife uses it primarily for a small...
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    Hurco Aquires Milltronics and Takumi

    Gotcha, the way I had read your initial post about the limitations of the Haas graphics, was that there was something better about not having the alarms. From what I am reading its just a matter of preference and order of how you set things up. I would agree, using the graphics is not an end...
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    Hurco Aquires Milltronics and Takumi

    Now I am really confused. So you run your program on the graphics before you set the machine up. I do not understand what you lose by doing it the other way around. Often enough to warrant checking, a stray lead out or some move near the axis plane would set off the alarm, something easy to...
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    Hurco Aquires Milltronics and Takumi

    Born and raised in a Haas only job shop, and I am curious as to why you would want too. If the program exceeds the work coordinates, then it will not run and you will end up with an axis over alarm on any machine. I have frequently used that "feature" to see if a program will be able to run a...
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    Any tool steel harden along a similar heat profile as firing ceramics?

    So as far as temperature goes it would work? I have heard of people using stainless foil bags, placing a small bit of paper in it and sealing it to the best of their ability to minimize leakage. When the oven reaches 451F the paper burns, getting rid of most of the O2 in the bag and preventing...
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    Preprocessor for laser metal depostion with robotic arm

    There does not seem to be a commercial software capable of slicing a 3d model and then generating the toolpaths to 3d print the model using a robotic arm. There are a few art projects that students have created various plugins to create these toolpaths. Maybe contact these guys? They have a...