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  1. J

    Craigslist funny time

    Another FB funny.
  2. J

    That random phone call

    Profanity is the crutch of the illiterate motherfucker.
  3. J

    I lucked out again on the Eclipse.

    We had a great view from our front yard in Dallas. 5 stars. Highly recommend.
  4. J

    Someone selling a drill that overheats and blow smoke.

    Maybe someone needs the batteries that come with it?
  5. J

    Moon landing or or not?

    What about all the science that's been and continues to be done with the soil and rock samples they brought back? I guess that's all been faked and continues to be faked. https://curator.jsc.nasa.gov/lunar/
  6. J

    10EE Steady Rests on Facebook

    https://www.facebook.com/share/p/3PfaGHVBSGHc8heY/?mibextid=oFDknk There you go.
  7. J

    WTB: Horizontal Bandsaw

    Where are your located?
  8. J

    Moon landing or or not?

    Ok great. So we had the tech to launch them, insert them to orbit correctly, then do the reentry to within a few square miles, but the rest was too much. Which radiation belts? You're drone camera works great out to a hundred feet. The moon is 240,000 miles. I think that's about 7 orders of...
  9. J

    Moon landing or or not?

    I'll probably regret getting involved in this but here goes... Questions for the moon landing deniers. Did a bunch of Saturn V rockets launch from Cape Canaveral or were those all faked? If they weren't fake, were there people on board who later splashed down in the Atlantic or not? If there...
  10. J

    Moon landing or or not?

    The great thing about freedom of speech is that it allows everyone to know who the idiots are.
  11. J

    What’s going on at Boeing

    They found the Wings from MH370. All of the other passengers are still missing.
  12. J

    FS-Kennametal metric endmills

    I bought a bunch of stuff on FB marketplace that included these metric endmills. I don't have any collets to hold them, so rather than buy some, I'd like to find a new home for these. They look new. I have been unable to find them on the kennametal website, so I don't know what they are made...
  13. J

    Moon landing or or not?

    What was the computer power equivalent of Neil Armstrong's brain?
  14. J

    What’s going on at Boeing

    That's always been the definition of a good landing. A great landing is one where the airplane is reusable.
  15. J

    Invertek 5hp IP66/NEMA Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) $750 Shipped

    He sold it to me. It's currently running my ac converted 10ee. Works fine.
  16. J

    How do you handle people touching your tools.

    I had a coworker a long time ago that used to borrow and loan tools from and to his next door neighbor. Garage space being at a premium, their rule was that if you borrowed it you had to keep it until the owner wanted it back.
  17. J

    Moon landing or or not?

    I think some parts of the moon are brie and some are parmesan, so it kind of depends on where you land.
  18. J

    What’s going on at Boeing

    A guy I worked with a long time ago got a call from his sister. Seems the automatic transmission on her Toyota was acting up after an oil change. He checked the transmission fluid and it was empty. The engine oil, on the other hand was over full. They had drained the transmission and put 4...
  19. J

    HDPE air line kits.....any users??

    Has anyone tried the DeWalt air pipe system? It's about half the price of the Rapidair stuff. DeWALT 3/4" x 100' Compressed Air Piping System (DXCM024-0400) https://a.co/d/2Ww1gH0