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  1. J

    Flame cutting cast iron

    Although I've never dealt with flame cut cast iron, I would imagine that you would need to normalize/anneal afterwards. That should be enough to remove stresses from cutting. If done correctly, the material should be perfectly usable afterwards.
  2. J

    YG1 Spade drill insert question

    Sorry for the late reply, but yes the Allied inserts will fit in the drill body I have. When we first got this holder I ran a few Allied inserts in it that I had left over.
  3. J

    YG1 Spade drill insert question

    65 SFM may be a little slow, but the drills lasted well in the past so I haven't pushed it. Also we do pretty small batches of parts (10-20 usually) so saving a few seconds on the drill Op doesn't make any really difference time wise, compared to setup, inspection, etc. And yes, this is annealed...
  4. J

    YG1 Spade drill insert question

    So, I am currently running a YG1 through coolant spade drill body and HSS inserts. Been using this setup for probably the last 6 months or so. Inserts range in size from 1" to 1 3/8". 99% of what I am drilling is D2. Drill half way through the part, bore, flip, and repeat. Cutting parameters...
  5. J

    Drilling holes in SS on Lathe

    Leave roughly 2%-3% of the diameter of the finished hole. So for 3% of the .500" hole, you would leave .500"*.03 = .015". If you will be purchasing a reamer for this, go by the manufacturers recommended speeds and feeds.
  6. J

    Drilling holes in SS on Lathe

    If you need the holes to be within .0005, no drill is going to do it. Either drill and ream or drill and bore.
  7. J

    Protecting Your Hands - What Gloves to Wear

    The boss keeps a pack of Maxiflex gloves around the shop. They are a nylon glove with nitrile coating on fingers and palm. Relatively thin and pretty good grip. As mentioned above about "thicker" gloves above, not safe to wear while running a machine, but I like them for general work around the...
  8. J

    Homebuilt CNC in Tokyo

    There are plenty of pricks here, as you have clearly seen. It's part of the reason why I almost never post anything. Why even bother when it's going to get taken over by their rude, unhelpful comments/bickering. Personally, I am very interested in reading about the progress of your build. As has...
  9. J

    Best Practice for X and Y Work Offset Location

    I do all very low volume job shop work, and for smaller parts (say smaller than 6" square) I almost always use the back left corner of the vice. It usually ends up being more convenient to place a stop up against that side of the vice, and I just continue to do it for consistency. For larger...
  10. J

    Fusion360 Internal Boring (Help)

    Upload your part in a .f3d file and I'll have a look at it. That would be the easiest way. I bore and turn with Fusion every day. Also, if you post it on the Autodesk Fusion 360 manufacturing forum, you should get help pretty quickly. Always had good luck there.
  11. J

    Anyone using speedy metals of rockford? / northern illinois metal suppliers.

    While I have not dealt with them personally, we order a lot of D2 and 4140 from Cincinnati Tool Steel. Our order sizes are usually between 10 and maybe 75 pieces, almost always round stock. The boss seems to like them and shipping seems to be pretty reasonable considering the current state of...
  12. J

    Drilling a 0.0015"/40 µm diameter hole in a 0.005"/120 µm thick plastic

    The powers that be on the forum will not like the mention of a Sherline mill, so fair warning if the thread gets locked. That being said, you will probably find it is nearly impossible to get less runnout than that with a Jacobs or similar type chuck. Best bet would probably be some sort of...
  13. J

    Fusion 360 for turning...has it improved at all?

    I use Fusion 360 for 2 axis turning on a daily basis and really don't have any complaints at all. Never had any formal training with Fusion and managed to get used to it pretty quickly. If I have questions, odds are somebody already has an answer question on the Autodesk Fusion forum, and they...
  14. J

    Insize Measuring Instruments

    I can't comment on Insize tools, but I can on Mitutoyo. I have a bunch of Mitutoyo mics, calipers, indicators, etc, and they are worth the money. Quality tools you can rely on. You won't regret it if you go that direction, even if they are a little more expensive up front.
  15. J

    Looking for advice on a new CNC mill for arts/prototype work in shared shop space

    I must have missed the part of where OP said he was working for NASA. Or where he said that he was a PE approving designs that could kill people if they fail. And clearly you missed the point of my original post. I was sharing my experience with Fusion 360 with OP. That's it. There is no point...
  16. J

    Looking for advice on a new CNC mill for arts/prototype work in shared shop space

    Any tool is only as good as the user. That is a given. Did I say you needed the latest laptops/PC's to run FEA? No, I didn't. I just said that it's nice to have the cloud take the bulk of computational load if you so choose. Also, why on earth would you waste time calculating stresses by...
  17. J

    Looking for advice on a new CNC mill for arts/prototype work in shared shop space

    I really like the FEA capabilities of Fusion. It seems pretty straight forward and intuitive, although I have never done anything super complicated with it. It has pretty good flexibility with meshing, like refinement in specific areas, overall sizing, etc. All the times that I compared the...
  18. J

    Looking for advice on a new CNC mill for arts/prototype work in shared shop space

    Take this with a grain of salt, as it is just my opinion, but I cannot imagine that a 5-axis machine would be justifiable price wise for the type of work you are describing. Especially if you are looking at buying a new machine. If I were in your shoes, I would be be looking for a used HAAS...
  19. J

    Husky PC-36 Lathe

    Technocrat makes good points. You can learn a lot from struggling on a machine that makes you work for good parts. A big part of what would drive me is if this is a good price for that machine in your area. Around my area, $800 for a larger than bench top lathe, in decent shape, with almost any...
  20. J

    Help needed with deep pocket. .625 wide x 2.5" deep in 4140 pre hard

    Unfortunately the depth for the fixture is nearly the entire depth of the pocket. There are a pair of bolt holes through the pocket nearly at the bottom that will be used to bolt it to the fixture. I will try to upload a picture to hopefully show better what I am talking about. I was thinking...