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    Mazak Quick Turn 15 T2 control PC connect

    I don't think ezatrol is still available. This is what I use. http://www.mazview.com/
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    Sentry Business insurance

    Started using Sentry in 2012 it was $2800.00 a year for $400,000.00 property and 2 million general liability. Like i posted in the new shop insurance thread it was up to $8800.00 per year for 2023. Zero claims the entire time.
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    New start up / Insurance

    At the end of 2022 my insurance went to just shy of $9000.00 a year . This was on a 3000 sq. foot building shop and $2 mil liability. Never had a claim. I cancelled the policy. I don't wish to drag the company through the mud but it starts with s and ends in y.
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    What’s the longest you’ve ever been “slow”?

    Went without taking a paycheck from for two years from sometime in 08 to late 2010, 2018 to 2019 was real slow also. It teaches you to put some ( most of ) your earnings away for the lean times. The Gardner Business index for machining has been below 50 since October 2022. I am surprised it...
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    How does your 2024 look?

    Finished up our last POs before Christmas. It has been dead quiet since . Reached out to existing customers and the theme seems to be no orders until maybe the third quarter. Have a lot of maintenance projects that should keep me busy for 3 or 4 months.
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    Mazak Hydraulic Fittings

    The fittings are JIS.
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    Mazatrol Groove with VBMT

    I think you will have to program this as a copy out or a bar out unit.
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    Enlarge existing holes by .0004 - .0008

    Jig grinder if you have one or know someone who does.
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    QT15N T32-2 Soft limit on tool change in simulation

    Tool #3 has a Z offset value of 0.0 . I am assuming there is no tool in this station. Put in a value of say -12.0 and see if it runs OK.
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    How To: Machine Long Bars Of 1018/Stainless Etc.?

    I used to do a lot of long skinny work in different materials. I found the the easiest way was to rough the parts restrained leaving adequate finish stock then straighten and finish.
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    Mazak VTC-20B batteries & back-up, M Plus

    PM sent
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    Mazak 515/40 Repair

    The thrust bearings should be available from most bearing houses. I think BUWW used to sell replacement wiper material. They had a list of profiles you match your old wipers to. When you get the bearings ask for the Kluber grease. I does not take much for the bearings, about half the bearing...
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    Yama Seiki (AWEA) Reviews??

    I bought a BM1200 in 2013. That is a Cat50 box way machine.It has spent the whole time machining burnouts or tool steel, in fact it is chewing tool steel right now. The machine has never missed a beat and still produces fine finishes when needed.
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    Hiring- what can I expect

    I know pay scales are better in the northeast but that rate down here would get you someone who could program plus run anything in the shop.
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    Vice leaving "ghost image" on mill table.

    I get the same thing on all my cnc mills. If I plan on leaving a vise on for a while I will wipe it down with a coat of grease.
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    What was your bonus this year?

    I have plenty of free tome going into 2020. I guess that is a bonus. All my work got pulled by the first week of December.
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    Looking for Hardware

    Since your in NC I would suggest Kenneth G Lily Fasteners out of Shelby NC. They have always provided me great service.
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    Everything Stopped

    If the servo drives and the spindle controller power up but the nc won't power up that sounds like a dead nc power supply. These can be repaired without too much cost.
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    Would you buy a T-2 machine (T32 vs T2)

    I would buy a T2 machine over a T32 machine from a repair standpoint. Mitsubishi will no longer repair the mrs drives found in the T32 vintage machines because some of the parts are NLA. They do have a replacement drive for these at $5500.00 per axis. This is viable for a large lathe or mill but...