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    Broken OTS probe

    I had an operator unfortunately drop a tool right on to my Renishaw OTS probe, fracturing the breakaway. I've got all that replaced and leveled, but can't find an info on calibrating the probe. Best I've come up with is a quick MDI program of G65 P9855 D5000 (stylus head) R3750 (bar in holder)...
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    Hardinge SP T42 turret air purge

    We have a new Hardinge Super Precision T42 here, and I'm trying to install a couple of the live tooling heads we have. This thing has a nasty air purge inside the turret, and it's incredibly difficult to even get the head in the turret far enough to get a bolt in it. Anyone know how to disable...
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    Mazak QT40 SFM issue

    Just ran into something odd on our QT40. Went to load a new carbide drill. Manufacturer starting specs were to start at 30 SFM (14.5mm drill=200 RPM). When I looked at the feed rate, it was running at 100 RPM. Went into the parameters and jacked the SFM up to 60, and I got my 200 RPM. Am I...
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    tapping question

    Currently using a program to tap a m12 x 1.25 in 304L in my Hardinge 10/65, using G32 coding. Lathe is capable of rigid tapping. Since the end of the part is not "zero" (see pic), can I just switch to G84, and call out a depth without having an R number? Or, should I call out R as the start...
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    Cadullac height gage

    I have an old Cadillac 12" height gage, model HG-12, and would like to get the extras (sliding bar, etc.). Anyone know where I can get that, or have access to this? Thanks!