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    Model 60 with a back gear reduction?

    I would like to remove the back gear set up on my machine because it leaks oil, and I don't really need it. The question I have, can I slide the gearbox off the motor and just install the pulley or is the motor shaft splined? Thanks
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    Monarch series 60 headstock oil leak into gearbox?

    My 1950 model 60 does the same thing.
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    I'm looking for the flip cover on the end of the model 60, it covers up the headstock tube...

    I'm looking for the flip cover on the end of the model 60, it covers up the headstock tube. Would you happen to have one on your parts lathe? Thanks Mark 307-689-6813
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    Rewiring 13x30 monarch model 61 from 480V to 240V

    It works great and I have not had any issues with it all. I found one on Ebay for $600, you can't beat that price. Max amps are 15. The only issue with the 5 hp. inverter on a 7.5 hp. motor is if the spindle RPM is set fairly high and if you clutch it in rather quickly it will trip out, and then...
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    Rewiring 13x30 monarch model 61 from 480V to 240V

    I purchased this Invertek VFD rated for 5hp for my Monarch 7.5 hp. https://www.invertek.com.au/invertek-optidrive-e3-ip20-4kw-230v-1ph-to-3ph-ac-inverter-drive-dbr-unfiltered
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    How to remove model 61 motor.

    Yes, you will need to remove the motor.
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    My new Monarch 60/61 lathe

    Danny, I am running a 7.5 hp. motor on a 5 hp VFD on my model 60, it works fine. You probably wont be able to use the old switches and contactor with the VFD. You will control everything with low voltage and tie switches into the front of the VFD. It takes some time to figure it all out. Mark
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    Monarch Series 60/61 13" (15-1/2") X 30" Parting Out

    I might be interested in the end cover on the headstock with the little flip cover. I have a model 60 size 14". I will measure my cover. I have a relieving attachment on mine and I would like to put a small cover in it's place. Thanks Mark
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    Giant Monarch destined for scrap :(

    Jeff, I have a model 60 Monarch. My cover is roughly 13 1/2" tall, not sure what model you have here. It's held on with 3 allen headed bolts I think they are 3/8". Thanks
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    Giant Monarch destined for scrap :(

    I would be interested in the cover on the back side of the headstock gearbox with the little flip cover on it. -It's pretty easy to remove. I want the main cover and the flip cover. Thanks Mark 307-689-6813
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    1951 Monarch 16" question

    I had the same problem with mine at first. I pulled the limiter orifice out and cleaned and looked over the piping, still nothing. Then I noticed the oil pump plunger arm that rides on the eccentric on the head shaft had slid off and was not pumping at all. I carefully bent it back over to ride...
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    Model 60 hard to dis-engage

    So far it's working perfectly! It will dis-engage nicely and I can now make use of the brake. Make sure the clutch pack is clean as well. Mine was really gummed up.
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    Model 60 hard to dis-engage

    I finally got a hold of Scott at Monarch and he told me what to look for. Yes, it is the washer on the end of the shaft and the cone goes over it. Thanks
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    Model 60 hard to dis-engage

    Well, it turned I was missing an 1/8" washer that sits behind the tapered cone that's on the end of the drawbar. Built a new washer and it works like a 67 year old monarch should work. I also pulled the clutch disks out and cleaned out all the old caked in grease from people over greasing the...
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    Model 60 hard to dis-engage

    Monarchist, I even adjusted the clutch one notch tighter and it does cam over stiffer than before, but the dis-engagement is still an issue. It just seems there is slack some where it's not needed. Thanks
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    Model 60 hard to dis-engage

    Hello, I have a 14x54 model 60 Monarch. When I pull up on the handle to stop the machine it doesn't stop right away. I need to give it a hard pull and it will finally let go and the chuck will stop. I have pulled the top cover and inspected the shifter shoes and they look to be in good shape for...
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    Lathe mounted undercutter wanted

    spaeth, Yes, I have their catalog and the price of the one I need. WOW! Thanks
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    Lathe mounted undercutter wanted

    Bob, Could you give me a call? 307-689-6813 Thanks Mark
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    Lathe mounted undercutter wanted

    I'm looking for a lathe mounted undercutter. I will be doing armatures with a 8" diameter commutator. Thanks
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    Monarch AA headstock oil pump not working

    I just bought a model 60 Monarch and noticed the same thing, nothing in the upper sight glass. I took the back cover off to watch the pump work and also watched the oil being dripped on the back gears, the pump is working. I then pulled the top cover off and pulled the line, cleaned the metering...