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    I need to upgrade my phase converter

    Hi all. I'm in a bit of a bind as I upgraded my widebelt sander and now dont have the power to run it. :( My 40hp phase converter worked fine on my old 16hp motor but wont start my new widebelt, a 20hp. Just a whomp noise, motor moves a smidge and that's it. I'm feeding the 40hp converter...
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    Converting Widebelt sander to work with metal

    I spoke with John Becker who works for or runs apex machine. Several of his videos and others on you tube running steel bits with plasma dross and nibs through wide belts. I cant afford a new one (even "cheapy" import at 14k). My dross is on aluminum parts, I'm hoping to get a decent belt...
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    Converting Widebelt sander to work with metal

    Sissys! (kidding). That's actually a pretty good reason all by itself.
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    Converting Widebelt sander to work with metal

    I cant tell you why (if?) it needs to run the same direction as the conveyer...just that the mfg. configure the machines that way when new. If I can find a reasonable cost replacement roller I'll give it a shot. reversing the conveyor would be simple enough and then everything is oriented...
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    Converting Widebelt sander to work with metal

    Thank you all for the responses! I'm working with paypal about returning the item but it doesnt look like it will happen. Not as described is not covered for "industrial machinery " which is what the seller is claiming. I'm not going to get bogged down with that....if I need to buy a dedicated...
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    Converting Widebelt sander to work with metal

    So...I purchased a 37" widebelt sander for the purpose of sanding down the plasma dross and graining the material. I've been doing this by hand for 5 years now and I really have to have a way to speed up the process. I jumped a bit before looking and might be in a pickle. I purchased the...
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    MLA ball turning toolpost?

    Any chance someone has a write up on the machining/assembly of this piece? All I've got is little to zero experience and a SB13, but I need the ability to turn a ball. If it can't all be made on my SB13 (no mill/attachment), can anyone out there perhaps help me out :) ?
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    Avoid death by wiring it correctly...

    Just read a pretty long thread about VFD's, but still have some questions I've got a SB13 I need to plug in, but I'm not sure what I need to do. So many people post about capacitor-start, motor re-wiring, etc... not sure what I have will work as is or not. Motor says: Westinghouse CSP type...
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    Frustrated noob needs parts for 13"

    I need some things for my SB13 to make it run, and have been less than successful in finding them. Gib and adjustment screw for my compound slide. Quick change tool post, BXA size. I've found them for sale (import/new), but they require machining to use....I need the tool post to do some...
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    Leveling a 13" SB

    I've finished moving stuff around/cleaning where I plan on putting my 13. I've got a question about leveling the thing out though. I'm assuming I need to build a platform or something to raise up the base, so I can level out the legs. What can I make a base plate out of that is cheap and will...
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    New guy trying to learn machining

    Thanks for the link on the oil....I was just about to bite the bullet and order it in gallons :crazy: PM sent about gears...I need to thread metric on my 13
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    New SB 13x40 owner here

    Found a few problems so far lol. Compound rest is frozen. Got it unfrozen, then disassembled it. Please forgive me if I'm using the incorrect terminology. I'm trying to learn :) The gib was jammed it freezing the compound. No gib screw to be found, although the set screw and shoe were...
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    New SB 13x40 owner here

    It's here :D Pics to follow soon. I should be able to get it into place this weekend, and with some help have it running. It does need a few pieces right away though... Finally: VEEEEEEEERY Nice!
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    New SB 13x40 owner here

    Not sure if it's 2 or 3. I'd be interested in the VFD for sure. I "might" be able to get this thing on thursday morning, but it's looking more and more like next wed or thursday. I've never loaded anything this heavy before, and thursday I do not have any help that can go with me. My plan is...
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    New SB 13x40 owner here

    I believe the one behind it is already gone, but I'll ask when I pick this on up on Monday. Dunno if I paid to much or not. By the time it gets home to the garage, buy the VFD, I'll have around 1200 in it all together. Average price? For now I'd really like to get it up and running. I think...
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    New SB 13x40 owner here

    Finally found a decent deal on a locally owned lathe. A 13x40 owned by a school in Columbus GA. I should have it back here and plugged in by next weekend. Planning on using a VFD to power it I'm hoping I can find someone local to the Atlanta area that wouldn't mind coming by and helping a...